Name That Actor

Can You Name That Actor?

A face, no clues...

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  • GregDinskisk

    Sergio Corbucci?

  • Aleonardis

    Jean Louis-Trintignant?

    • Brad Brevet

      Got it!

  • Mykael

    James Franco?

  • Aurelien

    Jean-Louis Trintignant. My guess is that pic is from Corbucci's Il Grande Silenzio...

    • Brad Brevet

      You got it.... and the film!

      • Aurelien

        Trintignant is quite a legend in France, and I wrote about that film last month, so I won't get too much credit :)

  • Criterion10

    I had a feeling this was from some sort of Spaghetti western. My guess was going to be Franco Nero.

  • Winchester

    How curious. Just watched it this week.

  • Calvin

    This man was snubbed this year for Amour, sigh...deserved the nomination over Cooper (I loved Silver Linings Playbook and Cooper was terrific, but not Oscar-worthy.)

    • Fox

      What's the difference between 'terrific' and Oscar worthy? Would you say Denzel was more Oscar worthy?

  • Mebil

    Amazing film; amazing character. Just watched it last week and the ending is still stuck in my mind.

  • Cordia

    had no idea it was him, but now i don't know how i missed that.

  • Christophe

    quite disheartening to think such a beautiful man could become just another old fart. ooh time is so cruel to us mere mortals!