'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Returning to the Big Screen

File this in the "I Don't Care" section of the news cycle as I didn't enjoy the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and never saw a single episode of the television show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I know saying such a thing in the online world is considered a sin as fanatics run about with their opinions, but considering my opinion is limited to just not caring and has no basis on anything the franchise is or was, I don't think I have committed much of a sin.

Joss Whedon wrote the original film which starred Kristy Swanson, Donald Sutherland and Luke Perry and he then went on to take it from the big screen to television. However, as word surfaces of a reboot it doesn't matter how involved Whedon was as The Hollywood Reporter says he won't be involved this time around.

Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are working with original movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, on what is being labeled a remake or relaunch of Buffy, but not a sequel or prequel. Kuzui and her Kuzui Enterprises have held onto the rights since the beginning, when she discovered the Buffy script from then-unknown Whedon. She developed the script while her husband put together the financing to make the 1992 movie, which was released by Fox. Kuzui would then work again with Whedon in bringing the show to television, but all that is in the past.

Word is the new film will have nothing at all to do with the show or previous film and won't involve fan favorite characters from the Buffy-verse such as Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike. The idea is to take a fresh look at the franchise, a la what Paramount did with Star Trek. Strangely enough, Paramount was relaunching a 40+ year-old franchise, not a 17-year-old one. A bit of a difference if you ask me.

The new film is being approached with the idea of turning it into a franchise (obviously) and the premise is that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal is to make a darker, event-sized movie.

  • deano

    buffy was a bunch of arse and angel was even worse!!!! x

  • AJ

    The number of years isn't the only difference between the "Star Trek" relaunch and this proposed "Buffy" one. Star Trek reused all the old characters... Buffy was just as much of an ensemble as Trek was (they weren't just "fan favorites", they were the cast,) and yet this "remake" would only include the title character. The television show had a different setting, different mythology and all different supporting characters... none of which will be in this remake of the movie.

    So it's closer to someone making a "Star Trek" movie where Captain Kirk flies solo in his rocketship to explore the stars. Same broad premise as the old show, yet pretty damn pointless.

  • http://acailovers.com www.acailovers.com

    not interested! AT ALL! didnt like the original and never saw a single episode...

  • Ty

    I adore the television show, and I think AJ hit the nail on the head.
    they weren't 'fan fave's' they were the CAST!
    If they're gonna make another Buffy series out of it, why not call it something else?
    I'm pretty sure there are more names on the planet than just Buffy.
    And keeping that name but changing everything else will only add animosity to the project.
    Stupid move.

  • http://www.surfthevideo.blogspot.com David

    I agree with Aj on this one.. I totally loved the Buffy series with Sarah Michelle Geller and also the Angel series with David Boreanaz.. But to do a remake with out the main cast from the tv show is just going to be boring and shit.. It was the Actors that made the show funny, sad or happy at times,, not the role of the characters..

    So if they are going to be remaking Buffy in any way than totally change the name of the movie and the characters names. Because if they don't,, I'm gonna be really pissed off. I'm gonna be criticizing it every part Giles or xander or even willow is played by some unknown actor,, cause I grew up with the show and have good memory's.. So don't Fu*K it up..

  • Seiko

    This has to be by far the dumbest reboot yet. Why not just make a sequel, get some random guy to direct it, and get someone who's a huge fan of the TV series to write it? Get Sarah Michelle Gellar to star; she'd do it for the right amount of money (anyone probably would), and get all the old TV cast back. This includes Eliza Dushku as Faith.
    Or make it a sequel to Buffy and Angel, actually ending what happened at the end of Angel, and pushing into even Buffy vs. Angel, with more Angelus.
    A trilogy would even work.

    I know I sound like a crazy fanatic, but I only think this would not be hard to continue the franchise, like Indiana Jones, even Sex And The City.
    This movie will probably be a hundred times worse than the 1992 film.

  • Goethe

    Whedon is probally hunting the Kuzuis somewhere in L.A., this is clear an exploitation of his work, they suck and want to make some money from it.

    Funny thing is, the movie bombed in reviews, box-office, everything, and the tv show and it's spin-off was a HUGE success, it was so big that it helped launch the WB channel nationally.

    I guess it's the new thing these days, to ruin old movies with remakes and sequel, even the bad old movies, and to think they are gonna do with Buffy what was done Star Trek, what are they smoking??

  • Trevor

    I always preferred "Angel" to "Buffy" but still, turning this into another lame "event movie" without Whedon is just asking for crap. Whedon is pretty much synonomous with this character and his universe around it, taking him out and dumbing it up so you can make a brainless sequel/more money every year is everything that is wrong with Hollywood and the movie industry at this point.