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'Brave' Character Posters and Easter Eggs

The Pizza Planet truck will be there

Late yesterday Disney sent over four character posters from their latest production with Pixar Brave and on top of that Bleeding Cool has posted a brief quote from co-director Mark Andrews revealing that all the traditional Pixar Easter Eggs will be located within the picture, which means, yes, the Pizza Planet truck will somehow find its way to the Scottish Highlands.

Yes, everything is in here. Everything. All of the typical things, those little insider jokes are all in the movie. You've got hours and hours with the Blu-ray to look for them. There it is! But it's right there, yeah.

John Ratzenberger's Scottish accent is good, it's not bad. He had a couple of goes at it, but he got there. he’s one of the guards in the background. His voice is in there but if you can't pick him out we've done our job and nailed it.

To be entirely honest, no, I don't have hours and hours to spend with the Blu-ray, but I'm sure Peter from will have a complete list for us as he always does. Until then, here are those character posters and you can click on each for the super-sized version in my gallery for the film.

Brave hits theaters on June 22, for more on the film click here.

Oh, and if you're interested in exploring all of the Pizza Planet truck's previous appearances in Pixar features click here.

Brave Merida character posterBrave Parents character poster
Brave Lords character posterBrave Triplets character poster
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  • Aakash

    Love the posters..very well done!
    Really hope this becomes another Pixar Gem

  • jrod

    Spolier!!!! 32 minutes and 39 seconds into the movie. You can see Sully imprinted on a log on the lower right. And then 4 seconds later you see the witch carving something on a table and a wood carving of the Pizza Planet truck is on the table in front of her.