Brand New Pictures from 'Into the Woods' Featuring Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick

Into the Woods pictures
Johnny Depp in Into the Woods
Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Just above is your first official look at Johnny Depp in the feature film adaptation of the Tony-winning original musical Into the Woods. Yes, it's only a tease of his character known only as "The Wolf", but it's nevertheless your first look.

Also included in a batch of ten new pictures from the movie are your first looks at Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Emily Blunt as The Baker's Wife, Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince and Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood as well as, of course, Meryl Streep as The Witch.

Into the Woods surrounds a baker and his wife's quest to break a witch's curse in order to start a family. Along the way, they encounter several well-known fairy tale characters, and together they learn what happens after "happily ever after".

Directed by Rob Marshall, the film is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. Check out the rest of the new pictures below.

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  • BradyD

    This movie does not really interest me. But in other news, the new trailer for Interstellar is available on the official website. Type in 7201969 and submit the code. Trailer looks really spectacular.

    • JN Films

      Thank you!

      • BradyD

        No problem, my man! Brad - you edit comments?!

        • JN Films

          Well that edit is trippy.

  • GregDinskisk

    The musical itself is a hella lot of fun. Hopefully the film adaption will be too.

    • Travis

      Agreed. From the script it looks pretty good. I like some of their changes. Even the toning down seems to have been handled in an artistic way. It's just the execution I'm worried about-especially with Marshall...

  • JN Films

    This is either going to be fun or Malecifent.

  • Driver

    I really want this to be good. A musical with a great cast, a director who knows musicals, and Disney's touch? What's not to like? The only thing that scares me is Maleficent, that awful movie gave me a disgusting taste of modern fantasy/live action Disney films.

  • andyluvsfilms

    Undecided on this which pretty much means i've already made my mind up.

  • thatpj

    That was the most useless trailer ever

  • m1

    At least we know that the production values are fantastic.
    As a sidenote, what does Maleficent have to do with this movie?

    • Brad Brevet

      "As a sidenote, what does Maleficent have to do with this movie?"

      Nothing? Not sure I understand.

      • m1

        Other commenters above were mentioning Maleficent. That's why I was asking.

        • Travis

          People seem to think that, since this is a dark reimagining of fairy tales, it is the same as Maleficent. Which, as an Into the Woods fan, I say...
          Eh....sorta? Both are darkish, but one delves into really deep themes, and the other has Angelina Jolie fighting Wikus from District 9

  • Driver

    Brad that trailer is fake. It's been on youtube for a long time and it's fan made. I knew there was something wrong with it.

  • Michael

    If any cast members would make me look forward to this it's Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt, not the other two. This doesn't look like my cup of tea though.

  • ItsMeMikey

    Music sounds absolutely fantastic! Images look wonderful. Very promising!

  • JessicaChastained

    Not looking forward to this, they've completely missed the point of the musical in PG-ifying it.

    • goldushapple

      lol the "missed the point" and "PG-ing" it card.

    • Travis

      I don't think they PG-ified it, based on the script that was leaked and seemed to be confirmed by Lapine and Sondheim. While I doubt we'll see much advertisement about Act II (maybe a good thing? we'll see), I can say that the story leaked about Sondheim was factually incorrect, as he has confirmed and that the only major change is the cutting of the narrator, and not killing one character (although keeping the rest of her storyline, including madness)

  • Sam

    This year's Les Miserables

  • Travis

    Really hoping they do this right. From what I hear, they did as good a job as they could, and these pictures look great, but that might not mean much. Still looking forward to it. And Brad, it seems like that is just a Spanish reposting of the old fake trailer that has tricked me twice already. Although I would bet we see a trailer with Guardians, and these pictures seem to make that case even stronger

    • Travis

      Also, I hate they are pushing Johnny Depp so much for this. His character is in it for, like, 5 minutes, and for 3 of those minutes he gets a really good song out of Depp's range. They need to push Streep and Blunt. Hell, if they want a decent male star to push, go with Pine. He has the bigger role (and one on stage that would require him to take Depp's part as well, fun fact)

  • maja

    Johnny Depp in make-up again...can't say I'm interested.