Box Office Results: 'Gravity' Scores $55.5 Million and an October Record

Gravity box office resultsWe knew it was going to win, but by how much was the big question and the $17.5 million it tallied on Friday suggested something around $49 million, but Gravity held on stronger than that, finishing the three-day weekend with an estimated $55.6 million and a new October opening weekend record, besting Paranormal Activity 3's $52.5m back in 2011.

The big story concerning this one is the fact 80% of the total came from 3D screenings and 20% from IMAX screenings. It also has one box office tracker calling Sandra Bullock the "most bankable actress in Hollywood" noting four of her last six films have opened over $30 million, none of which were sequels. Hard to argue with those numbers.

Gravity has already shown it has legs and with an "A-" CinemaScore it will be interesting to see how long they are as it will have to contend with Captain Phillips next weekend for the adult ticket while a lot of the genre fans will have likely seen it and will perhaps check out Machete Kills. However, the Machete sequel may suffer a little of audiences skip the new film and decide on a second helping of Gravity. Could be interesting.

Also opening wide this weekend was Runner Runner starring Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton and the negative reviews bled over into a terrible opening as the so-called "thriller" managed only $7.6 million this weekend and with a "C" CinemaScore I don't think we'll be hearing from this one for much longer.

Runner Runner did, however, fare a little better overseas where it brought in $23.5 million. With a budget just under $30 million the film will probably be fine financially, but it is clearly having a rough go of it.

Following on the heels of the success of the Spanish-language film Instructions Not Included, Lionsgate has issued another one into theaters, this one is called Pulling Strings and with only 387 screens it totalled $2.5 million on its opening weekend. Maybe Lionsgate has figured something out? That being that there are more than just white males aged 13-34 living in America. Maybe?

Next we come to Metallica Through the Never, which expanded into 650 theaters this weekend and probably had a hard time keeping up considering stiff competition from Gravity, which clearly dominated the IMAX 3D screens. Unfortunately, despite adding 284 theaters, the film dropped 57% from last weekend, bringing in only $682,692 this weekend. Like I said, just couldn't compete and likely didn't have more than one or two screenings a day in most of those locations.

Because it was in our reader box office challenge this week, I must also include Parkland, which crashed and burned to the tune of $335,000 from 257 theaters, only $1,304 per. Ouch.

The complete top ten is listed below and I will be back on Monday with actuals and official results for this week's reader predictions.

Weekend Box-Office Top Ten for October 4 - October 6, 2013

  1. Gravity was #1 at the box-office
    • Gravity
    • $55.7 million
    • THEATERS: 3,575 ($15,580 per theater)
    • BUDGET: $100 million
  2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 () - $20.9 million ($60.0m cume)
    From 4,001 theaters ($5,224 avg.) / $78 million budget / 70%
  3. Runner Runner () - $7.7 million
    From 3,026 theaters ($2,545 avg.) / $29 million budget / 9%
  4. Prisoners () - $5.7 million ($47.9m cume)
    From 3,236 theaters ($1,761 avg.) / $46 million budget / 81%
  5. Rush () - $4.4 million ($18.1m cume)
    From 2,308 theaters ($1,906 avg.) / $38 million budget / 88%
  6. Don Jon () - $4.1 million ($16m cume)
    From 2,422 theaters ($1,693 avg.) / $6 million budget / 83%
  7. Baggage Claim () - $4 million ($15.1m cume)
    From 2,030 theaters ($1,970 avg.) / 15%
  8. Insidious: Chapter 2 () - $3.8 million ($74.7m cume)
    From 2,607 theaters ($1,458 avg.) / $5 million budget / 38%
  9. Pulling Strings () - $2.4 million
    From 387 theaters ($6,202 avg.) / 55%
  10. Enough Said () - $2.1 million ($5.4m cume)
    From 437 theaters ($4,805 avg.) / 95%
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These are the actual weekend results and the weekend's winners are now final.
The reader prediction leaderboard has been updated and can be seen here.

Runner Runner
  1. Runner Runner
  2. ACTUAL: $7.7 million
  3. rusty
    $7.6 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  4. Rach
    $8.3 million prediction / $0.6 million off
  5. YeeHaa
    $8.8 million prediction / $1.1 million off
  6. Bryan Baca
    $9.2 million prediction / $1.5 million off
  7. Arthur Carlson
    $9.5 million prediction / $1.8 million off
  1. Gravity
  2. ACTUAL: $55.7 million
  3. G-Man
    $55.0 million prediction / $0.7 million off
  4. Chris Etrata
    $53.4 million prediction / $2.3 million off
  5. kalebson
    $52.3 million prediction / $3.4 million off
  6. Ron Oneal Fresh
    $51.6 million prediction / $4.1 million off
  7. Django
    $51.3 million prediction / $4.4 million off
Metallica Through the Never
  1. Metallica Through the Never
  2. ACTUAL: $.683 million
  3. Torryz
    $1 million prediction / $0.317 million off
  4. coltonhaynes22
    $1.1 million prediction / $0.417 million off
  5. Bryan Baca
    $1.1 million prediction / $0.417 million off
  6. Shaun Heenan
    $1.19 million prediction / $0.507 million off
  7. Thornsy
    $1.2 million prediction / $0.517 million off
  1. Parkland
  2. ACTUAL: $.310 million
  3. Jack Tyler
    $.4 million prediction / $0.09 million off
  4. PJ Edwards
    $.45 million prediction / $0.14 million off
  5. Chris Etrata
    $.5 million prediction / $0.19 million off
  6. Jimmy B
    $0.7 million prediction / $0.39 million off
  7. Alex Thomas
    $0.75 million prediction / $0.44 million off

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  • navaneethks

    Absoutely love Gravity. Well deserved box-office debut.

  • Winchester

    Well I was totally wrong on Gravity wasn't I?

    I thought it would have been a harder sell for audiences but clearly not. It should easily manage a 2.5 multiple at worst which means it could get $130-140 million at least, and if word of mouth matches stellar reviews then it could push farther than that.

    According to Deadline, some sneaks of 'Captain Phillips' supposedly went very well which bodes positively for it next weekend but it really depends on how 'Gravity' falls next weekend.

  • Adu

    This is a good day for cinema...and Laremy's Box Office Challenge prospects!

  • Ian

    The 3D percentage is less of a story when you consider that close to 80% of the available shows were in 3D anyway. I saw it Friday night in 2D in a 300 seat auditorium that was almost full, so it's not like the 2D shows are sitting empty. The fact that this is the first movie to have its 3D percentage reported since the beginning of the summer is probably the bigger story and a clear indication of the downward trajectory the gimmick is on in North America.

    That Saturday bump is indicative of it playing very broadly and having great word of mouth, which obviously portends well for its long-term prospects. I think it repeats handily next weekend and depending on how it does through October and into November it could reach $200 million. With that kind of dough a Best Picture nomination is all but guaranteed at this point.

    As for the new releases next weekend, I can't see Machete doing more than $15 million, while Captain Phillips should fall somewhere in the low $20s.

    • dslacker

      Usually my local cineplex has one screen for 2D showings and one or two screens for 3D showings of big releases. For Gravity, there is only one 2D showing per day - at 5pm - not exactly box office magic time. Sounds like this forcing of people towards the 3D showings took place nationwide, hence the huge 3D numbers. Why not just charge extra for 2D showings if they're so freeking greedy ?

  • Bazellis

    Oh Bollocks, another zilch!

    • jason scott

      Oh Bullock, another hit!

  • andyluvsfilms

    Stunning numbers for Gravity, it's going gangbusters!

  • Milos Perisic

    Well, Brad, you were obviously mistaken with your low predictions. Do not underestimate Sandy next time. ;) Oscar is hers, watch my words.

  • Torryz

    Hey first time playing and won one! Not bad. Happy for Enough Said. Saw it this weekend and liked it a lot.

  • Eric83

    Wow. I just checked the reader predictions, and of all 109, there was only one of us (not I) who predicted that Gravity would get more than the estimated $55.5M it received.

  • Gautam Anand

    I knew Gravity was always going to do better than the predicted 47 millions. Infact, most of the people were also predicting its lifetime gross to be 100-120 millions [which will change now] but the day I saw the film, and the reaction of audience sitting with me, I knew it's going to exceed 150 millions. I won't be surprised if it touches 200.

  • Thornsy

    With its international grosses, Gravity has already exceeded its budget.

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    Are all Sci-Fi film in IMAX/3D, If not will it become standard now?

    Gravity is the best reviewed film of the year but that's never been an indicator for great box-office.

    Maybe it's the Sandra Bullock factor as a draw.

  • Harry Fuertes

    Loving that Gravuty made so much. Hollywood isn't dead yet. Thanks Warner Bros. for the taking the risk.

    • dslacker

      Warner's seems to be the last major studio willing to give anyone money to make real films. They used to give Kubrick $10 million or so (back when that was real money) to deliver them a film a couple of years later - no one looking over his shoulder, no notes, no executive screenings. His films never did huge box office either. Now, the bean counters would have a stroke if a studio tried to make films rather than to make money.

      • Chris138

        I agree. I can't think of any other major studios that take as many risks with their projects like Warner Brothers does.

  • Shaun Heenan

    I way underestimated Gravity. I'm glad to be wrong.