Your Box Office Predictions

Your Box Office Predictions for 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' and '22 Jump Street'

Could 22 Jump Street take the top spot over How to Train Your Dragon 2?

bopreds-61314It's interesting to look at this weekend and realize it could be a little closer at the top of the box office than some are predicting. Last night 22 Jump Street opened to the tune of $5.5 million and How to Train Your Dragon 2 brought in $2 million. The obvious disparity is R-rated comedy vs. family film as Dragon will do much better on the weekend, but the two films could be neck and neck come Sunday, though looking at Laremy's and the readers' predictions that's not the case.

At the top of both prediction charts is Dragon 2 with the readers going above Laremy's $71.8 million prediction averaging out at $75 million. Meanwhile, they agreed exactly with Laremy's $58.3 million prediction for 22 Jump Street and if these Thursday numbers are any indication both could end the weekend around mid $60 million, though I personally would give the edge to Dragon.

That said, 22 Jump Street's Thursday night opening is more than double the $2.6 million Neighbors brought in on its way to an opening weekend of $49 million. There were no early screenings for the first How To Train Your Dragon, which wrapped up its opening weekend in 2010 with $43 million. This one will clearly do better business than that.

I've included Laremy's predictions and the average reader predictions directly below and I'll be back on Sunday with box office estimates. To see Laremy's full list of predictions and all 90 reader predictions for this weekend click here.

Laremy's Predictions

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 - $71.8 million
  • 22 Jump Street - $58.3 million
  • The Fault in Our Stars - $19.2 million
  • Edge of Tomorrow - $13.8 million

Your Predictions

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 - $75.0 million
  • 22 Jump Street - $58.3 million
  • The Fault in Our Stars - $19.3 million
  • Edge of Tomorrow - $13.7 million
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  • Pacula Allen

    22 Jump Street will win the weekend, because of strong WOM and repeat viewings.

    Hell, I've seen the movie twice, am still thinking to see it for the 3rd time tomorrow.

  • PJ Edwards

    5.5M Is extremely strong for Jump Street. 70M might be on the table. Meanwhile Dragon is in range of Monsters with the 2M Thursday. Monsters U had 2.6M with normal Pixar frontloading. Dragon should not be as frontloaded as that. 80M could be in the cards.

  • Toadie T

    $80-85M for How to Train Your Dragon 2
    $60-68M for 22 Jump St.

  • Pacula Allen

    Looks like 22 Jump Street will make slightly more than HTTYD2. Am planning to see HTTYD2 today, but if I fail to get a decent seat, I'll happily see Jump again for the 3rd time.