Your Box Office Predictions

Your Box Office Predictions for 'Gravity', 'Runner Runner', 'Metallica' and 'Parkland'

The readers seem to be low-balling Laremy's predictions

104-predsI'm beginning to see a trend here as the reader average continually falls just below Laremy's predictions. I haven't taken the time to look, but it makes me wonder if he is traditionally over on his predictions and that's why you all go so low or is it because you're too scared to go too high?

I was talking with Laremy last night about his predictions and he told me he hoped the average for Gravity wouldn't be $45 million, which would have been slightly over his $44.9 million prediction. Well, no fears Laremy, the readers actually went well below your prediction, $4.6 million below in fact and just ever-so-slightly above the $39.4 million tracking. Hmmmmm, is that what people are paying the closest attention to? The tracking? Whatever it may be it makes for an interesting weekend.

As a side note, Gravity already brought in $1.4 million from late night showings last night. Comparatively, Oblivion did $1.1 million earlier this year before going on to a $37.1 million opening back in April. Will we see a similar result here or will the long-term buzz give this one a bigger bump?

Next is Runner Runner and I am more on the side of the readers on this one as their aggregate $12.7 million prediction seems about right, maybe even lower as it seems the amount of interest in this one is slim at best. I'd wager the main reason are the trailers, which don't really promise a very good film, especially when they use what is possible Ben Affleck's only bad scene in the film to sell it. Trust me, that scene where he's yelling is just as silly in the film as it is in the trailer... Okay, maybe it's worse in the trailer given the fact they decided to place the words he's saying all over the screen. Who thought that was a good idea?

The final two I'm having a hard time getting too interested in. Reviews are saying Metallica Through the Never is for the fans, which is to say it's not really for me, and I wasn't a fan of Parkland as my republished review this morning indicates. Oh well.

I've included Laremy's predictions and the average reader predictions directly below and I'll be back on Sunday with box office estimates. To see Laremy's full list of predictions and all 109 reader predictions for this weekend click here.

Laremy's Predictions

  • Gravity - $44.9 million
  • Runner Runner - $14.2 million
  • Metallica Through the Never - $3.3 million
  • Parkland - $1.7 million

Your Predictions

  • Gravity - $40.3 million
  • Runner Runner - $12.7 million
  • Metallica Through the Never - $2.7 million
  • Parkland - $1.5 million
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  • andyluvsfilms

    I've put the Metallica thingy on my LoveFilm queue, not that i even like their music but having watched the superb Mission To Lars documentary earlier this year i thought that they came across as decent chaps, not quite what i was expecting.

    As for the predictions, I think i went large with Gravity as with zero points so far I may as well fail spectacularly.