Box Office Actuals: '22 Jump Street' Drops to $57 Million, 'Dragon 2' Finishes with $49.4m

bopreds-61314Well, 22 Jump Street still did excellent business over its opening weekend, but estimates were off by three million as the new R-rated comedy finished with $57 million instead of the estimated $60m. The film holds the record for the sixth largest opening ever for an R-rated movie and second highest opening for an R-rated comedy behind The Hangover Part II ($85.9m). Next weekend the drop will likely be significant, but with an opening like that on a film budgeted at $65 million things are looking just fine.

In second is the disappointment of the weekend, How to Train Your Dragon 2, opening with a mere $49.4 million, less than six million more than the 2010 original. It was reported this morning DreamWorks Animation stock dropped as a result of the poor performance, which makes me wonder about those planned sequels considering the $145 million budget. So far, only $24.8 million has come in from 26 international territories.

Meanwhile, Maleficent continues to hold well, dropping 46.1% for a $18.5 million weekend, Edge of Tomorrow only dropped 42.5% in its second weekend adding $16.5 million and The Fault in Our Stars was the big dipper of the weekend, dropping nearly 70% for $14.7 million. Of course, the $25 opening night tickets for that film massively inflated its first weekend earnings making this not merely the big deal it may otherwise seem.

I've listed the current top ten from the points and accuracy leaderboards directly below and you can find the full leaderboard here. For the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. PJ Edwards (43 points)
  2. Arthur Carlson (36 points)
  3. Alan Smithee (32 points)
  4. Peter Bandrowsky (29 points)
  5. austinjoel (26 points)
  6. Matt P (24 points)
  7. Rach (24 points)
  8. Dave AD (23 points)
  9. J T (23 points)
  10. Peete (22 points)
  11. Stephen Jay (22 points)
  12. Vaus (22 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. J T (82.937% accuracy)
  2. Return of the BT (81.393% accuracy)
  3. Ryan Jayden (79.589% accuracy)
  4. Exxdee13 (79.375% accuracy)
  5. Matt Taylor (78.982% accuracy)
  6. Rob (78.773% accuracy)
  7. Matt P (78.762% accuracy)
  8. Jack Tyler (78.671% accuracy)
  9. TimmaeXVX (78.184% accuracy)
  10. crayc30 (78.097% accuracy)
  • JN Films

    This might give more incentive for Dragons 3 being the final one instead of doing a fourth, which is actually a good thing, since the original plan was to do a trilogy.

  • Pacula Allen

    Wow, quite big differences from estimates to actuals. Lord and Miller are doing fine, but now they can't claim as filmmakers who's had two 60 mil openers in a year.

    And somehow I think we're gonna hear more of the term "the big dipper" in the upcoming weeks.

  • PJ Edwards

    Surprised I am still winning. Don't think i got a point in like a month.

  • Lars_Lundquist

    It saddens me that I live in an age where a 49 million dollar opening is a disappointment. But considering the astronomical budgets of films these days, anything less than 90 to 100 million is going to be a letdown.

    • cetrata

      The problem is that this was the type of sequel that should have done much more. This was an acclaimed sequel to an acclaimed film, a high rated show, and had 4 years of ticket prices increases and yet it only beat the original by 6 million.

  • Jimmy Diamies

    Changing topics.....Was looking forward to a GofT post today. Is one coming? Won't spoil anything but that fight was one of the best, most intense fights I have seen, definitely on television and possibly in movies. Will have to watch it again to make sure I wasn't weary last night and am over-hyping it, but the thing I love about GofT is that I usually don't know who will win these fights to the death.

  • Ian

    Hey I won on The Fault in our Stars. I don't think I've ever won before.