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A Fifth 'Bourne' Film Could Find Renner and Damon Teaming Up

Plus some new images from the film

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy
Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy
Photo: Universal Pictures

The Bourne Legacy recently shifted release dates from August 3 to August 10 so as to get a little breathing room away from The Dark Knight Rises and so it wasn't releasing on the same day as Sony's Total Recall, and it sounds like there is no intention of this being the last film in the franchise, which began ten years ago with The Bourne Identity and Matt Damon in the lead role.

This time around Jeremy Renner plays the Treadstone agent at the center of the story and Legacy writer/director Tony Gilroy, who was part of the brain trust that adapted Robert Ludlum's Cold War novel into what it has become today, discussed the film with Empire along with producer Frank Marshall who reveals that if there is to be a fifth film in the franchise it will "see Matt and Jeremy team up."

"If you think of the first three Bourne films as [the portions of 'Hamlet' that feature Rosencrantz and Guildenstern], then we're showing you Elsinore [with Bourne Legacy]," Gilroy told Empire. "You thought you were seeing something you weren't. What if there's a much larger story? What if Treadstone wasn't the only black-ops program?"

When it was first announced Gilroy would be writing Bourne Legacy it was also said he'd be writing a "Bourne Bible" in which he was creating the world the characters existed in. He continues telling Empire, "You see there are several different programs in the movie with different skill sets. All possibilities are open."

Discussing Renner's character, Aaron Cross, Gilroy says, "He's coming from a completely different background to Jason [Bourne]. He knows exactly who he is; he signed up to this... He wants to be part of a team. I can tell you he was in the military then he joined the program. He's a person who wants to be part of something... to have a sense of purpose. But then it's taken away."

You can read the full piece here and I've included four new images the mag shares with us along with the latest trailer for the film directly below. To browse the images just click on one of the thumbnails.

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  • flerk

    I'm so glad they didn't do the reboot crap everyone is doing and also recognizing Damon's Bourne in this film. When I first heard about this film I was hoping Bourne would return in some later film and if Renner and Damon's characters team up it will be epic.

  • Scott

    Love the first three, though I wasn't a big fan of how Gilroy got overly fancy by trying to dovetail the end of Supremacy to the near-end of Ultimatum with the Pamela Landy phone call, with the DOB switched to a location code, as if that were the plan all along.

    Sounds like a similar thing here with the Renner plot being parallel in time to the Damon plot in Ultimatum. It could be funny, though, if they take deleted scenes from Ultimatum and squeeze Damon's old footage into bits and pieces of the new movie. Gilroy could show just how clever with sequel twining he really is.

  • Juror eight

    I`ve got high hopes.