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So here we are... The day has finally come that I let you all in on the big secret as to who the top ten Bond Girls are. Granted, I don't think the number one spot will be a huge surprise but I hope I throw a few curveballs at you so this doesn't seem like a complete waste of your time. After all, you are getting girl info, movie info, DVD info and looks at actual screenshots from the DVDs this entire time. What more can you ask for?

So, without further delay let's take a look at the top ten Bond Girls of all time, and don't just rush down to the bottom for the number one girl. Take your time, enjoy your stay as I try to dig a bit deeper with each of the rankings... and if you haven't checked out the other 30 girls yet be sure to do so with the navigation at the top and bottom of this article.

"A TRIBUTE" Miss Moneypenny
Before we got to the top ten I thought a tribute was in order to the one "Bond Girl" that actually shows up in every one of the first 20 James Bond films... Miss Moneypenny. She has been played by three different actresses throughout the first 20 films and did not show up in 2006's Casino Royale. Throughout the first 14 films she was played by Canadian actress Lois Maxwell, following Maxwell was Caroline Bliss who starred in the two Timothy Dalton Bond films and then the ironically named Samantha Bond took over the role for the four Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan. While this isn't an official ranking you can think of it as a tribute to a Bond Gal that we have all come to know and expect just about every time out of the gates...

#10 Maud Adams
(The Man with the Golden Gun)

You already saw her at the #23 spot two days ago for her part as Octopussy in the movie with the same name, but Maud Adams had a much more appealing role as Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun. Anders is the girlfriend of baddie Francisco Scaramanga played by Christopher Lee and she is the reason Bond becomes interested in Scaramanga when she sends Bond a note and a golden bullet engraved with 007. The note is seemingly from Scaramanga and when Bond believes the assassin means to kill him the game begins. However, this is a side note in a much larger story but it gives us reason to see Anders get busy with the commander, all while Mary Goodnight is in the closet (unbeknownst to Anders). Although she is ultimately killed due to her treachery Anders is one of the sexier Bond Girls and well deserving of her spot at #10.

#9 Shirley Eaton

Yet another girl who has received mention already on the list when we referenced her sister Tilly back at #32. Too bad for us though Tilly is the Masterson sister that lived while Jill was painted in gold at the beginning of Goldfinger. At the beginning of the film we meet Jill as she is posing as Goldfinger's girlfriend and helping him cheat in a game of Gin Rummy. Then Bond breaks into the room and proceeds to humiliate Goldfinger and win Jill's affection just as she has won ours wearing a black bikini and showing off a killer body. Unfortunately Goldfinger gets his revenge when he sends Oddjob up to knock out Bond and paint Jill entirely in gold and suffocating her skin which ultimately kills her. While her stay in the film is short it is a beginning we will never forget.

#8 Daniela Bianchi
(From Russia with Love)

She's a plain Jane, but Daniela Bianchi has a scene in From Russia with Love that makes me want her. After a conversation with Bond she takes his tie and holds it in her teeth with a smile that will absolutely give any Bond viewer a rush. Tatiana Romanova isn't without the necessary sex appeal that comes with a Bond Girl either. Just you imagine that a corporal in Soviet Army Intelligence is feeding you covert information and can't stop saying things like, "The mechanism is... Oh [your name here]... Will you make love to me all the time in England?" Yeah, I thought so. James is such a pimp he simply sloughs it off saying, "Day and night. Go on about the mechanism." There you go James, keep her in suspense!

#7 Claudine Auger

If you are going to even try and say anything about Dominique "Domino" Derval coming in at #7 let me just say this - Runner Up at the 1958 Miss World. Yeah, who else was in the Miss World contest? Keeping to a couple Bond alums lets just say Michelle Yeoh (#20) and Halle Berry (#3). I would say Claudine is now legitimized. If you disagree I refer you to the numerous sexy outfits she wears in Thunderball including the black and white number seen above. Apparently Auger was so damn good producers re-wrote the part from an Italian woman to that of a French woman to better suit Auger (source). Nothin' says lovin' like re-writing a role. Cheers Claudine.

#6 Fiona Fullerton
(A View to a Kill)

I think we all remember that hot tub scene in the first Austin Powers movie as Fabiana Udenio gave us all plenty of dirty thoughts. Well, the reason that scene is so sexy is because Fiona Fullerton playing Pola Ivanova showed us how it was done to begin with. This is one of the sexiest scenes in any of the Bond films and James takes full advantage. Pola is a Soviet agent that has been taping A View to a Kill baddie Max Zorin's conversations. Thanks to his bit of hot tub seduction Bond gets what every man needs and the tape. Score and score!

#5 Jane Seymour
(Live and Let Die)

Solitaire is multi-talented, on top of being extremely hot she can also tell the future! Talk about a chick I want with me:

Me: "Are you going to get pregnant this time?"

Her: "Yes."

Me: "Better wait 'til tomorrow, good night."

That is what I call a "getting out of a jam card." Of course, there is a drawback, she must remain a virgin in order to preserve her psychic powers. Considering Bond has already defiled her I am going to have to hope her daughters have the same powers. Otherwise, it will have to remain all a daydream. Damn you James!

For those that doubt this ranking you need to realize that this is also a role that lets all the young ones know that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was once a bonafide hottie! And Jane Seymour was not only gorgeous back in 1973. All of you that saw Wedding Crashers or the recent commercials for "In Case of Emergency" know that she has aged extremely well as she is now pushing 56-years-old and saying things such as, "I just had my tits done. You like 'em?" in Wedding Crashers. Come on, this chick has what I need!

#4 Caterina Murino
(Casino Royale)

Like Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds are Forever, Solange does the same thing in the recently released Casino Royale as she leaves audience members wanting more Solange and less Vesper after she is killed off due to leaking information to Bond during their almost one night stand. Unfortunately, Bond never gets to taste her treats as he takes the information and bolts for Miami leaving her with champagne and caviar. Uh, for anyone that has seen this movie I think we can all say this is the worst decision Bond has ever made. I mean look - it's official - here she is at #4 on the Bond Girl list and James leaves for Miami at that moment? If I remember correctly Bond always chooses at least a quick bit o' sexy time before rushing off to the job. Man, someone needs to add, "Make that 30 minutes," to Daniel Craig's vocabulary.

#3 Halle Berry
(Die Another Day)

Does Jinx deserve a #3 spot? This was a dilemma of mine only because I think Halle's star has fallen since Die Another Day. However, when all was said and done I couldn't help but make her the third best Bond Girl. Halle has such a beautiful face and such a smoking body it is impossible to ignore. Plus she isn't afraid to toss out the sexual innuendos, "So Bond's been explaining his Big Bang theory?" "Oh yeah, I think I got the thrust of it." Very nice there Jinxy, and how about her comment to Miranda Frost? "He did you? I didn't know he was that desperate." The girl has a bit of a bite and a body that doesn't quit, number three is the spot for her.

#2 Barbara Bach
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

Unless you are a true Bond fan you may not actually know who Barbara Bach is, but the minute you see her in The Spy Who Loved Me you will never wonder again. The screen capture above is just the beginning of all the sexiness Barbara throws on screen as Anya Amasova, or XXX if we are going to use her Russian codename. Yeah, this chick starts off known as only XXX. On top of that, she is running around in the outfit you see above and getting soaking wet and offering up so much healthy 30-year-old breastage it isn't even funny. The decision to give her the slot as the #2 Bond Girl of all time was not a hard one, and for you trivia junkies she is also Ringo Starr's current wife and has been since 1981. I would use the fact that a Beatle would have taste to boost my decision, but we have all seen Yoko, she messed everything up didn't she?

#1 Ursula Andress
(Dr. No)

Here she is, the #1 Bond Girl of all-time and for the majority of Bond fans I am sure this is not a shocker as Ursula's appearance in Dr. No is a show stopper. She shows up just a couple minutes over an hour into the film, which means the next 48 minutes offer all the Honey Ryder goodness you could ask for. She invented Bond Girls and is yet to be outdone!

Just like Pola Ivanova's appearance inspired Fabiana Udenio's in Austin Powers, Honey Ryder was the inspiration for Jinx's first scene in Die Another Day as she walked out of the water in her retro bikini (check it out here), and even Mariah Carey mimicked the moment in her appropriately named music video for "Honey". Unfortunately for those ladies, first is first, and Honey certainly is first. After accidentally getting caught up in James' mission Honey holds her own along the way.

How hot is she? Ian Fleming, the man himself, even references Honey Ryder in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" as a "beautiful movie star." Now that is saying something to have that kind of impression.

If you need more proof she is worthy of the #1 slot, a simple Google search will find you plenty of NSFW pics, or for a work safe, nice hi-res look at Ursula you can go right here. As far as Bond Girls go - Ursula is the cream of the crop, bar none.

So there you have it, and now I leave you with a tribute to the ladies and the man that makes it all happen...


#31-40 | #21-30 | #11-20 | #1-10

  • Swordfish

    10) Had this been an actual Top 10 list, this is where Martine Beswick would have gone (or even the other Gypsy girl, Aliza Gur, or any of a number of other oversights).

    9) After Ursula Andress, Shirley Eaton's golden girl is the most iconic Bond woman. She's a bit on the thin side for my taste, but what a face and what a look. Definitely top 10 material.

    8) That's better. Hot, hot, hot even compared to other Bond girls, Daniela Binachi may have the best all-around body on the list.

    7) And while she gets the odd bit of jealous criticism for cellulite, Claudine Auger may be the most beautiful woman on the list. Except for Halle Berry, they unfortunately don't make Bond women like Auger any more.

    6) Your set-up highlights the problem with this choice. After Austin Powers, no one can take those smarmy but prudish Bond seduction scenes seriously _ if anyone ever did. Fiona Fullerton is a good-looking woman, but the audience doesn't get what it wants. Personally, I think of AVTAK and chuckle.

    5) Jane Seymour is a seriously pretty woman and may have the series' best hair after Sophie Marceau and Michelle Yeoh. But suffers from that silly "virgin seeress" conceit, which is only one factor that makes LALD a cringefest. You can just see the script meetings: we've been slightly progressive, now we've got to throw in something for the racists. Seymour's performance is also just plain dull. She's been better in almost everything else she's done. (On a related note, whoever's breasts those are in "Wedding Crahsers" are certainly nice, and perky enough for a 25-year-old, much less a 55-year-old. On the other hand, they don't look any larger than Seymour's natural 35Bs, they're largely obscured by Vince Vaughn's hands and we don't see Jane's face and cleavage together in the same shot. I congratulate Seymour on her continued good-looks and wish those breasts are hers, but the jury is way, way out on that.)

    4) Lust at first sight, huh? I'll admit Caterina Murino is Top 11-15 material. Physically, she reminds me of Barbara Carrera, who is missing.

    3) Damn, Halle Berry is one fine woman. Definitely in the top 3.

    2) In several decades, the former Richard Starkey had more luck than entire continents. But while I like Mrs. Ringo as much as anyone, well, almost, I'd slide her down a few spots to accommodate Halle Berry, Sophie Marceau, Claudine Auger, Teri Hatcher. Still, Bach plays a strong character in an enteratining movie, so I won't gripe too much. I still regret there was no action between Barbara Bach and Caroline Munro. What a missed opporunity!

    1) Right you are. The orignal is still the greatest. There are Bond Girls with pretty faces, better legs and even better breasts than Ursula Andress, but nobody represents as well as she does. Not even Halle Berry coming out of the sea can erase the memory of Ursula's appearance in Dr. No.

    In any event, you've rehabilitated yourself with this top 10, which holds up very well.

  • Scandicci

    Barbara Bach was the first Bond girl I knew. My uncle had a pirated betamax copy of the Spy Who Loved Me back in the late 70s early 80s and my cousins and I watched it a few hundred times. She is and shall always be the ultimate Bond girl for me.

  • Chief Longstick

    You did throw a couple curveballs my way with this top 10.All in all though a very well 'rounded' list.Only a few manditory comments about the 1-10 though.

    First off, I don't believe Maud Adams as Andrea Anders should be in the top 10. She is probably more intriging in TMWTGG than Britt Ekland and gets overlooked because she gets capped.Plus people might forget about her because TMWTGG is generally disliked and disappointing (TMWTGG in my opinion has more potential than any Bond movie but it just really didn't come together and fell flat).Maybe put her in the top 20, but not top 10.

    Shirley Eaton, Daniella Bianchi, and Claudine Auger all belong in the top 10.Personally I put Claudine Auger (Domino) at #2.

    Fiona Fullerton at #6 are you kidding me? Were you totally wasted when you watched that movie? She is totally hot don't get me wrong, but I could go back through your entire list and explain why she should be moved back. Plus "View To A Kill" gets worse everytime I watch it and should have been Timothy Dalton's first, or second, Bond film.

    Jane Seymour good call in the top 10. How horny is she in "Live And Let Die"? And as a bonus, Jane Seymour has aged better than anyone else I can think of off hand, hopefully naturally of course.That's what she claims at least.

    Caterina Murino, hot - yes, top 10 hot - no. I guess she does it for you.

    Halle Berry, good call in the top 10. I would question anyone who wouldn't put her in the top 10. And by far the hottest woman with short-er hair EVER!

    Barbara Bach top 10? I'm not sure. She would at least be in my top 15 though. But I do commend you on that pick and respect you alot more for putting her so high up.Very tastefull of you.

    And Ursula Andress at #1, but of course! I guessed / hoped that before I Even got to the top 10. How can you compete with her? She set the standard for everyone to come after her and her character is just as fine as she is.

    I have disagreed with some of your picks, and am surprised by some of your snubs. But for the most part you grade your Bond women very well and the coolest thing about Bond women / films is that we don't all usually like the same ones, but we all do like them.

  • Chief Longstick

    Oh and one more thing, I'm glad you have a little tribute for Miss Moneypenny. Lois Maxwell looks incredible in most of her films and Caroline Bliss was a sexy replacement. She tries to tone it down a bit with the hair put up and the glasses, but you can see that she is a major babe!

  • Prescat

    I actually think you did a very good job. It is so tough to rank "Bond Girls", because let's face it. they are ALL extremely hot women, among the sexiest in the world, (that's why they are Bond girls), and number 40 is still prettier than 99% of most women. I think what also factors into these list, of course, is personal taste, AND the era you grew up in. When I was a boy, just getting real interested in girls, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die, and The Spy Who Loved Me, were out and popular, so my early crushes were on Jane Seymour, (my #5 also), and Barbara Bach, my #1), and The Diamonds are Forever girls. With that said, number 2 for me had to be Britt Ekland. That bikini STILL drives me nuts, and her cute face, and fun personality was a winner. Claudine Auger would make my Top 10 and you also could never be wrong having Halle, Tanya, and Denise in a top 10. The tribute to Mrs. Moneypenny a great Bond character, (especially the one of my youth, the lovely, classy, and talented Lois Maxwell), was well deserved and a very nice touch to your ratings. Good job!

  • Chief Longstick

    @Prescat: I like your explanation and take on the "Bond Girls". It is VERY difficult to try and rank them, it's either win-win or lose-lose depending on how you look at it. The gap between the top girl and the bottom girl is marginal at most, and they indeed are the hottest women in the world! Personal taste, the era we grew up in, and just the internal chemical factor that we can't explain all contribute to our own unique likes / dislikes of a particular Bond girl. Some of the newer movies (and the women involved) don't quite do it for me, as I prefer a more interesting story, plot, and characters, not all this modern glitz and computer animation. More class basically, all around class. And the Connery and Moore (and Lazenby's lone film) have more of it to go around in my opinion. Anyways, I like hearing about your favourite Bond girls, your "love-affair" with Britt Ekland is very commendable. I also greatly enjoy hearing other Bond fans simply talk about Bond. It is a special treasure in my life :-)

  • Michael C.

    You didn't include Karin Dor as Helga Brandt in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. Sure she was bad and it wasn't much of a significant role, but hey she DID seduce Bond (and vice versa) and damn is she hot with her flowing red hair, striking eyes, and leaves a sashay yet to be outdone in the world of female assassins. Helga's pros: cunning, dominating whilst facilitating (serving Bond a drink or cutting him loose). Plus that hard slap on Bond's pucker, to then threaten him with a scalpel, and trap him in a plunging aircraft. It's just too bad she's not ruthless enough for SPECTRE, as Blofeld no doubt agreed having fed her to a school of voracious piranhas.

    I see Angela Scoular as Ruby Bartlett in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE didn't make the cut either. She may not have it where it counts in the slinky and seductive department, but any Bond girl who plays along with 007 masquerading as a respectable Collage of Heralds enough to playfully slip her room number on our man's lap makes a believer out of me.

  • Pink_Kangaroo

    Obviously in YOUR opinion matey.
    For many of us Akiko Wakabayashi,Halle Berry,Britt Ekland are the tiop 3 for looks alone. THESE 'RATE' POSTS ARE LUNACY, SO SUBJECTIVE....who cares when every one judges on entirely different criteria.

  • sadie mcstar

    I cannot believe that anyone who claims to know about Bond could vote Diana Rigg below Number 1. The only real Bond girl, a true rounded human being who is also a fascinating & alluring woman. Ursula Andress? Please!!! A million of her before & since.

  • Critique

    Why were Hale Barry, Tery Hatcher, Tanya Roberts, Denise Richard and Lyn Holly whatever even Bond girls to begin with? Possibly for the Americans...there taste runs, shall we say...'different'. The Bond girl is beautiful, not 'cute' like the above mentioned girls. She has beautiful hair, and a striking face. She has a European-inspired wardrobe, she speaks with a disarming accent. She exudes class, sophistication, elegance - confidence. Such are Carole Bouquet, Sophie Marceau, Eva Green and Barbara Carrera. Leave the cutesy and unsophisticated Tery's and Hale's to the lower ranks, put in as a nice contrast to the gorgeous and sophisticated European actresses, who so perfectly capture and bring to life Ian Fleming's true idea, of a Bond woman.

  • Michael Atkins

    Barbara Carrera and Kim Basinger??????????????

  • Bob

    The top 10 Bond women is much more subjective than the top 10 Bond movies. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but no self-respecting Bond fan can omit the following women from their top 10: Claudine Auger, Daniela Bianchi, Ursula Andress, Sophie Marceau, Carole Bouquet, Miriam D'Abo, Talisa Soto and Carey Lowell. The top 5 Bond movies are beyond debate but in no particular order: Dr. No, FRWL, Goldfinger, Thunderball & OHMSS.

  • pobeos

    I just know, there was a nomination of the bond girl ..
    but,, why I can not see the video "bond gets it on"??
    Can I download it?
    thank you

  • Carlson Arlington

    1. Solitaire is my favourite overall Bond Girl.
    2. Tracy from On Her Majesties Secret Service is my favourite serious Bond girl.
    3. Bibi Doll is my favourite fun Bond girl.

    Favourite movies are On Her Majesties Secret Service and From Russia With Love. I also liked Living Daylights, License to Kill, Goldeneye (those three movies were kind of the ones that I grew up on), and Casino Royale (newer one, never saw the original). Probably due to nostalgia (as I was a teenager when the movies came out), but my favourite Bond is