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And now we move into the big dogs, the Top 20. I should say that making this list is far from easy, 40 girls is a lot and I even left out a couple... One I am sure many of you are going to be upset she was left out but that is just the way it works. I am not telling you which one either in hopes that I don't get flogged.

Putting all that aside let's dig into girls 11-20 as the top spot is now only a day away...

#20 Michelle Yeoh
(Tomorrow Never Dies)

I think we all know that while Brosnan was a pretty good Bond his films weren't that good. However, I think it is safe to say Tomorrow Never Dies is the best of the Brosnan Bonds. We had a decent villain, but on top of that we had a fantastic Bond girl in the likes of Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin. Masquerading as a Chinese journalist, Lin is actually an agent for China going after Elliot Carver just as is Bond. Her moves and more importantly her "shower" scene with Bond earns her a spot in the top 20. Recently Michelle is better known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha, but she will never be forgotten as a one-time Bond girl.

#19 Honor Blackman

I am not sure if this will anger Bond fans or settle in nicely, but Honor Blackman rolls in at number 19 with her performance as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. I will admit, this is probably the best Bond name of them all in terms of word usage, hearing Connery say, "You're a woman of many parts, Pussy!" is classic. However, Honor is never really given the appropriate scenes to show off her assets and we are left with a couple of tight outfits, rumbles in the barn and plenty of hands on the hips, which is the only reason she is where she is on our list. Don't get me wrong, she will be remembered as a Bond Girl for all-time... she just didn't make it to the top ten of this list.

#18 Famke Janssen

So, I was scared of Grace Jones and gave her a spot at number 30 with her role as May Day in A View to a Kill and believe me I am just as scared of Famke after her performance in GoldenEye, but Grace is not as hot as Famke and the name May Day compares in no way to Xenia Onatopp. Sorry, that is yet another classic name in Bond lore and earns Famke a higher spot on this list. Xenia may have a bit of an aggressive attitude toward sex but Bond counters it nicely at the spa when she tells him, "You don't need the gun." Bond kindly responds, "Well, that depends on your definition of safe sex." Nice move James, and an even nicer one after you get close and then proceed to burn her ass on the hot rocks...

#17 Britt Ekland
(The Man with the Golden Gun)

Rumors have it that Britt was originally tapped to play Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun, a role that went to two-time Bond-er Maud Adams, but producers changed their mind when they saw her in a bikini (source). This worries me a bit, especially since I have her here at number 17, but when you see what she is willing to do I think you will agree she is where she belongs. Just before Bond and Mary Goodnight (another good name) are about to bump uglies they are interrupted and she is initially hidden under the sheets, but then Bond throws her in the closet... Where she stays all night while Bond has the sexy time with another woman and gets a good night's rest. The next morning she is peeved, but who can stay mad at Bond for long...? Not Mary Goodnight and that earns Mary her spot. Oh, and she shows up in a bikini in the movie and I am not about to complain and neither will you. So phooey to that rumor!

#16 Rosamund Pike
(Die Another Day)

Just looking at Rosamund Pike and knowing what a good actress she is it is shocking to me that Die Another Day was her feature film debut. However, she certainly took full advantage of the situation as she played the double-crossing MI6 agent Miranda Frost. Miranda has a way with the swords and with Madonna as her teacher how can she go wrong? I kid of course and NO, Madonna is not on this list thanks to her 15 second cameo. As for how Miranda makes it this high is purely thanks to her willingness to do what is necessary (a.k.a. get it on with James) to get what she wants... That, of course, along with being incredibly sexy and also for giving us the belly revealing tank top fight scene at the end of the movie with Jinx (Halle Berry). Can't argue with those facts, and if you think you can: clicky and clicky again.

#15 Caroline Munroe
(The Spy Who Loved Me)

I know I have said already that this list is not based solely on looks, but to ignore the body on Caroline Munroe as she plays Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me would be a sin, and the fact that she sides with the baddies makes her even that much hotter. When she shows up on the boat in the scene previewed above it really is a moment in the film you don't forget.

#14 Lois Chiles

Whether you disagree or agree that Holly Goodhead deserves a #14 ranking is beside the point. Taking into consideration the looks, the name and the fact that she is a NASA trained astrophysicist working for the CIA that can fly a space shuttle earns her this part. Goodhead people! Goodhead! Moonraker may be one of the most absurd of all the Bond films but Holly is not to blame. So why does Denise Richards get blasted for being a nuclear chemist and Lois Chiles doesn't get the same treatment for playing an astrophysicist? If you have to ask that question then I don't think you deserve an answer.

#13 Lana Wood
(Diamonds are Forever)

Plenty O'Toole is in Diamonds are Forever for about 2 minutes - that is the only reason she isn't higher on this list, and if you want to dispute that I refer you to exhibits A & B above. Even in the downloads section on the official James Bond website Plenty O'Toole is one of the few Bond Girls to have her own wallpaper. That is saying something for this cling-on that meets Bond at the casino when she hears how much he is wagering. Unfortunately they don't get to seal the deal as Plenty is tossed out the window and into the pool only a few minutes later. It is a memorable role and one that almost earned her a top ten spot.

#12 Tanya Roberts
(A View to a Kill)

Our second lady from A View to a Kill makes the list as Tanya Roberts, who you may recognize more as Midge Pinciotti from "That '70s Show" stars as the highly attractive geologist Stacey Sutton. She is damn lucky she looks so good too because she does some dumb shit. First off she gives James a gun filled with rock salt to shoot at the bad guys (not effective) and then she rips up a check for $5 million (not smart). Yeah, she was basically selling her soul, but for $5 mil. you can have mine. Plus, she is now with Bond, take the money and go back on your word. It's a payoff, I don't see any contracts! I have a feeling no one could ever stay in a relationship long with Stacey, but then again, this is Bond - his relationships never last long. Hell, his marriage only lasted a few minutes. Sorry Tracy, that was a cheap shot.

#11 Sophie Marceau
(The World is not Enough)

Oh my, Sophie you are gorgeous. Sophie Marceau had been acting for a while before we all came to know her as Princess Isabelle in Braveheart. Born in Paris, France this beauty stars as Elektra King, the first main female villain in the Bond series of films. Of course, we all know The World is Not Enough is not one of the best Bond films, but to say Elektra is not one of the hottest Bond Girls is a sin. Sophie has faded into the background as far as her career goes since TWINE, but Elektra King lives on. Of course I am a sucker for French accents on beautiful women, but I don't think I am going to get any huge arguments here. She probably would have ranked in the top ten had she not killed her own dad. WTF is up with that Elektra? Not cool.

And that wraps up numbers 11-20 and all we have left is the top ten. With this group of ten ladies we see Ultimate Edition Volume 1 edging it out with four of the ten ladies, Volume 2 follows up with three and Volumes 1 & 2 end with only one lady each.

Tomorrow we will explore the top ten and reveal the number one Bond Girl of all-time! So stay tuned. For more information on any of the James Bond Ultimate Editions take your pick from the links below:

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  • Swordfish

    20) That's what I said when I found Michelle Yeoh ranked this low. Granted, she's a small-average woman, no more than 5'4" and not especially buxom. But she's well proportioned, in great shape _ no, make that truly great shape _ and can really do the stunts/martial arts that almost all the other Bond actors and actresses have to fake. Brains, strength and flexibilty, the keys to a good time, and great hair as well.

    And, of course, when I paused to think about Michelle, I wondered where Mie Hama is. She looks great in a bikini _ better than Britt Ekland, for one _ is a useful Bond ally and is the girl who ends up with him. To each his own, but I would not diss the Asian Bond Girls.

    And then I wondered what happened to Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera, who are both better looking, hotter and have more important roles than many of the women you've listed. Omitting them only makes sense if you have stock in Eon Productions. Otherwise, they're top Bond Girls.

    19) Disenchanted, I press on. And Honor Blackman will be remembered as a Bond Girl for all time; one of the best, wherever you place her. Along with Michelle Yeoh and possibly Grace Jones, she's the other woman on this list who knows martial arts. (Blackman learned judo for "The Avengers," unlike Diana Rigg, who faked it.) Besides her ludicrously great name and ludicrously bad lesbian conversion subplot, Honor played a strong character, who would be sure to correct you if you were bad. Her face is not quite as beautiful as Marceau's or Auger's, but she's one Top Ten woman.

    18) Famke Janssen is smokin' in this role, and she's shown elsewhere that she has some acting ability. She could move up.

    17) Don't get me wrong, in the real world Britt Ekland is not bad at all. But as an actress and Bond Girl, she comes in closer to 37 than 17.

    16) I think better of Rosamund Pike after seeing her in other movies. Now I'm impressed that she's an actress, not jsut some B-movie action vixen brought in to fight Halle Berry. Very nice.

    15) Caroline Munroe does have a great body, and gets killed off far too early and blithely. In light of Rosamund Pike, imagine the possbilities of Caroline and Barbara Bach. Still, as a minor character, it's hard to believe you'd rate her above some of these other women.

    14) In some sort of misguided backlash to the curvaceous babes of the Connery movies, Lazenby-Moore got stuck with model types. But I agree that Lois Chiles stands out among them. She's got classic looks, her character packs a punch and best of all, can fly a flipping space shuttle! Lots of critics fault "Moonraker" and her acting, but it seems to me Chiles adopted the same breezy approach as Roger Moore, and they work well together. This Chiles goes to 11.

    13) OK, now give us your real pick. Yes, Lana Wood has humongous jugs and she's Natalie Wood's sister. But she's hardly even in the movie. She's not a Bond Girl, she's wallpaper. If huge tracks o' land are the criteria, where's Maria Grazia Cuccinotta? Hey, this is yet another Wait A Minute moment. Where is Maria Grazia Cuccinotta? OK, put Lana Wood's pyramids on the map here at 13, but then you've got to correct your oversights. Karin Dor anyone?

    12) And really, a joke is a joke, but... Tanya Roberts is a beautiful woman, and was even better looking as a natural brunette, pre-implants, say a Charlie's Angel. She looks worse here, but still not bad. Unfortunately, Tanya's performance here makes Denise Richards seem like Helen Mirren. JAAAAAAAMES! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! I wouldn't touch her character with a six-foot pole (and I am a six-foot Pole, well, 5'10").

    11) Family issues aside, Sophie Marceau has the most striking face, gorgeous hair and lissome body in the Bond world. Elektra kills her father because she'e evil, but that doesn't make her a bad character. Definitely, definititively a Top 5, maybe higher.

    Sadly, we see this part of the list is almost completely Effed Up: Too high, too low and too many missing. You might want to try again with a full complement of 50 women.

  • Chief Longstick

    A few more comment here.I agree more with Mr. Swordfish here.This section of your list is Effed Up.Too many women too high and too many women too low.

    The sheer capability and 'well rounded' character of Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) should move her up at least 5 - 10 spots.Plus the Asian Bond girls never get enough love.

    Honor Blackman should definently be in the top 10 of the list.Yeah she may not be quite as stunning as other top 10 worthy Bond girls, but she is incredibly classy on and off screen.She played one of the most classic Bond roles with the character, and name, Pussy Galore (plus the way Sean Connery says her name is just priceless).
    And even though you don't see much in terms of skin, that's part of the appeal / mystique of her.You just can't stop thinking about how much there is to her.

    Maybe Famke Janssen doesn't really really get you.But she does get me.The way she says "Xenia Onatopp" leaves me smoldering.The sexy scenes she has in the movie really caught my eye, so did those dark eyes and hair.And if you are afraid or intimidated of her, wouldn't you want your last moment alive to be spent between those thighs?

    Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight) needed more screen time, so did Christopher Lee (Scaramanga), instead of Bond's every little move.But that's beside the point.The fact that she is the bright spot of the disappointing movie "The Man With the Golden Gun" puts her right about where she should be.Maybe a few spots back.

    Personally I'm not too high on Rosamund Pike (Miranda Frost).But her and Halle are the only bright spots in a terrible film (in my opinion).

    With Caroline Munroe (Naomi) that figure deserves to be high up on the list, but only depending on where she falls in comparison to the other women.Maybe you have her a little too high.All I have to say about her is "What a handsome craft, such lovely lines".

    (Don't forget Valerie Leon - the hotel receptionist in "The Spy Who Loved Me")

    Lois Chiles (Dr. Holly Goodhead) is one of my personal faves.All her character's abilities, intelligence, independence, looks, humor, should definently over shadow any laughable parts in "Moonraker" (I may be biased though as Moonraker was the first Bond movie I ever saw, I thought it somewhere between Star Wars and Spaceballs).I just fell for that look that Lois Chiles gives Bond in the Venice hotel room, so seductive.Lois is in my top 10.

    Lana Wood (Plenty O'Toole) is a major babe, but too high on this list.Not enough time in the script of the movie.The first guy she is hanging with in the casino, Maxey, can't stop looking at her rack in that scene.Seriously, watch it again if you haven't noticed, he looks at her eyes, then rack like 5 times! Also she is involved in one of the dirtiest dialogues in any Bond film."Hi I'm Plenty."-Plenty # "But of course you are."-Bond # "Plenty O'Toole."-Plenty # "Named after your father perhaps."-Bond. LOL,What is that supposed to mean?

    (And to Mr. Swordfish, I love Karin Dor (Miss Helga Brandt) from "You Only Live Twice" and think she should be somewhere on this list, at least.)

    Tanya Roberts is way way too high on the list.A stereotypical helpless Bond girl who only holds him back and annoys the viewer.

    Finally, Sophie Marceau (Elektra King) has got to be one of the hottest French women ever and if she gets snubbed out of the top 5, due to competition, she is should at least be in the top 10.But a pretty good rating on her though.

  • Mprezd

    While it could be argued it is/isn't a bond film, the 1967 Casino Royale had Barbara Bouchet as MoneyPenny. In my opinion she is the hottest bond girl. Ursula Andress also played Vesper Lynd in that film.

  • Andy Bluebear

    Worst list ever.