Bobin Sought to Direct 'Alice in Wonderland 2' with Johnny Depp Returning

Depp is making it harder to respect any of the decisions he makes

Alice in Wonderland 2It was revealed yesterday that Johnny Depp had dropped out of director Barry Levinson's Black Mass in which he would have starred as Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. The reason being the film sold softly at Cannes and Depp was asked to cut his $20 million quote in half. Depp refused.

Depp is currently filming Transcendence for Christopher Nolan's long time cinematographer Wally Pfister and will next be seen as Tonto in Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger. After that he's already lined up to return to play Captain Jack Sparrow for a fifth time in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and today we learn Disney is prepping to bring him back as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland 2 with The Muppets and The Muppets... Again! director James Bobin in talks to direct.

It has always surprised me Disney didn't get director Tim Burton back in the saddle to turn around a second Alice film after the first one made over $1 billion back in 2010, but for whatever reason they have lit the fire once again.

The Wrap's Lucas Shaw brings the news of Bobin's potential involvement and says original Alice scripter Linda Woolverton is working on the sequel.

I don't like to fault an actor for the choices they make, because what business is it of mine, but when it comes to Depp I guess I just don't understand it. The guy is said to be worth something like $350 million and he owns an island in the Bahamas. His reason for choosing these movies can't be entirely money driven, but based on the reasons given for him dropping Black Mass and his continued involvement in the Pirates films and then Lone Ranger in which he appears to be playing the same character once again would seem to prove otherwise. He's obviously entitled to do whatever he wants but that doesn't mean the decisions he's making isn't disheartening for someone that would like to seem him do something else.

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  • andyluvsfilms

    Just what the world needs, another wacky Depp performance, I'm not gonna waste my money on this, it'll just encourage them

  • Steven P

    We already had another Wonderland movie. It was called Oz the Great and Powerful and it somehow managed to be worse.

  • Jake17

    Hey, two completely useless Johnny Depp sequels in the last two days! Somehow this one sounds worse than Pirates 5. I hope Bobin runs far away from this one, I loved the last movie he directed (The Muppets).

  • Disco Paco

    Maybe his family really loves to buy expensive things.

  • Kessler

    Really tired of Johnny Depp always playing the crazy guy with white powder on his face. Oh well. At least we've got Transcendence to look forward to.

  • Clark Kent

    I think Tim Burton doesn´t like sequels, the only one he has ever done is Batman Returns... where he managed to make Batman even crazier than the first time around. Ok, we can argue ALL HIS MOVIES are sequels (he is doing the same movie over and over again), but I think he just doesn´t like to direct movies with a number in the title.

    Johnny Depp in Alice 2... well, Disco Paco may be right, hahaha.

  • Andrew J.S.

    I understand taking roles like these when your in the prime of your career, star-wise. If the public wants more of the same why not continue to offer it to them, as he did a few years ago with the pirates movies, willy wonka, etc. It's the same thing with Robert Dowey Jr. right now. But once it becomes obvious the public just isn't interested anymore, than that's the sign that it's time to step back and take on smaller projects.

    • APototsky

      are you implying the audience isn't interested though? Maybe you and I aren't, but he's making more than ever what with Pirates 4 going over 1 bio

      • Andrew J.S.

        True, but domestically it made quite a bit less and wasn't a very loved movie. Also no one was interested Dark Shadows. So while that might not be enough to prove audiences are over him, it is a sign that they're loosing interest.

        • Caz Elliott

          I beg to differ, I know quite a lot of people who liked Dark Shadows.

  • Ian

    Hmm, another big star who'd rather cash Disney checks than actually do anything with artistic merit. Maybe he'll do something different in Transcendence but at this point does it really matter?

  • Hamza Zain

    Makes me really sad he dropped out of doing that Whitey Bulger biopic to make another crappy family film.

  • Fourleaf

    I think Johnny Depp pulled one of the greatest tricks making us believe during the 90's that he could become one of the greats and now......well i guess he's just laughing alongside Mickey Mouse or something.

  • maja

    I used to say this all the time about Depp since Public Enemies in 2009. However, I do give him credit for actually picking a more interesting role recently in Transcendence before returning to his usual character. I think it's accurate to make the comparison between Depp and Will Smith with them both picking very safe roles since they gained stardom.

  • Rands2113

    Can Hollywood please stop with unnecessary sequels?! They do nothing but crowd the theaters with a useless franchise.

  • Django

    I MAY see Lone Ranger if the reviews indicate it's worth seeing. But i'm going to be giving Alice In Wonderland 2 and Pirates a very, very wide berth. Alice In Wonderland was particularly dismal. Haven't looked forward to a Depp film for ages. Even in a less quirky role such as Public Enemies, he has very unengaging. Rango was enjoyable though but it doesn't really count since he was offscreen.

  • IngmarTheBergman

    I couldn't care less about Alice in Wonderland, but James Bobin did "Flight of the Conchords", among the funniest series of all time.

    • Clark Kent

      You are right, Conchords is class.

  • Caz Elliott

    I love Johnny Depp & have 49 of his 56 DVD's....

    He is the hottest & most sort after actor around & as such is entitled to name his own price.

    He works hard, often doing 3 or films at a time, (remembering the script for each one.)

    I defy anyone of the people who have made negative comments here to do that, (I know I couldn't do more than one at time.)

    So think before you comment.

  • Caz Elliott

    I love Johnny Depp & have 49 of his 56 DVD's....

    He is the hottest & most sort after actor around & as such is entitled to name his own price.

    He works hard, often doing 3 or more films at a time, (remembering the scripts for each one.)

    I defy anyone of the people who have made negative comments here to do that, (I know I couldn't do more than one at time.)

    So think before you comment.

    • Podolski

      you're right, being really hot and being 'sort' after really does entitles you to name your own price...

      p.s. you should really take your own advice from time to time

      • Caz Elliott

        I really don't understand.

        Why should I need to take my own advice. ?

  • Timothy Bragg

    Johnny Depp is to out there for me and I tend to stay away from his films but Dark Shadows was not to bad.