Bettany Replaces Butler in Comic Adaptation 'Priest'

At one point the Screen Gems western-horror Priest was expected to star Gerard Butler and Steven Strait, but the comic based film has dropped those two names and has now attached Paul Bettany to star as a warrior priest who disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped the priest's niece.

Bettany's Legion director, Scott Stewart, is aboard to helm the pic based on the TokyoPop comic book penned by Cory Goodman (The Brood).

Screen Gems is also set to release Legion on January 22, 2010 and Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper told The Hollywood Reporter, "I knew the moment I saw Stewart's first cut of Legion that Bettany was Priest and so I mentioned it to him immediately."

In Legion Bettany stars as the archangel Michael, the only one standing between mankind and an apocalypse, after God loses faith in humanity. Man's lone hope rests with a group of strangers who must deliver a baby they realize is Christ in his second coming. That film also stars Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Tenney, Charles S. Dutton, Lucas Black, Kate Walsh, Kevin Durand and Willa Holland.

  • rattler76

    Paul Bettany as a warrior priest?
    He's a great actor (A Knight's Tale, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander) but I can't really see him as an action hero.

    On the other hand it can also make it quite interesting, it worked for Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence and Liman Neeson in Taken.
    Normal, real seeming people instead of the action characters of old which were always ex navy seal or something like htat. And protrayed by people who can actually act.

  • Susan F.

    Still wish Gerry had played Priest.

  • JD92

    I accually dont mind with switch, I like Butler, but paul bettany has always been someone i'v thought to be a pretty good actor and would like to see him in more staring roles.

  • Vin

    This sound right up my alley..Never heard of it before, my pick as the Vampire leader would be Luke Goss. Just met the guy in Indianapolis airport he was coming back from Horrorhound Con weekend and said he was attending the Detroit Con in May..Defiantly think Luke Goss would be the best choice as the Head Vampire..

  • st

    This comic book wasn't written by Cory Goodman--the original comic was conceived written and drawn by the Korean artist MinWoo Hyung. Check your facts and give credit where it's due. Thanks!

  • michael

    You all have this wrong. The comic in wich they are referring is nothing like the movie they are saying they are are making. There are no vampires in this comic book. there is a comic called priest that is about vamps but its not this one. this comic is about a priest selling half his soul to a devil to fight a fallen angel that is trying to destroy the world. It's not all set in the old west and I truly dont believe this movie is being made because the comic isnt even finished. And further more MingWoo did write and draw the comic Goodman has written the screenplay. If none of you have read the comic i suggest do it because its 10 times better than the movie they are gonna make if they make it.