Best and Worst Movies of 2013... So Far

Best and Worst Movies of 2013... So FarThe year is one-quarter of the way over if you can believe that and yet, what do we have to show for it in terms of movies? I've handed out a few B-range grades as of late, but none of the films I've graded bubble to the top to the point where I believe they will be in consideration for "Best of 2013" talk. In fact, only one film falls into that category... Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects. As far as the rest of the year is concerned you can have it.

I don't count films such as The Place Beyond the Pines or Room 237 because I saw those last year and haven't seen them since. I've also reposted reviews of The Sapphires and Spring Breakers, the latter of which is probably the one I would return to first out of all four of those titles.

Of the 22 films I've reviewed so far this year the highest grade goes to Side Effects, which I gave an "A-", after that it goes like this:

  • B- (3) - Beautiful Creatures, Dead Man Down and The Croods
  • C+ (4) - Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Olympus Has Fallen
  • C (2) - Snitch and G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • C- (3) - The Call and Mama
  • D+ (3) - Gangster Squad, Stoker and The Last Stand
  • D (4) - Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Bullet to the Head, Identity Thief and Oz the Great and Powerful
  • D- (1) - Safe Haven
  • F (2) - A Good Day To Die Hard and The Host

Looking over that list I'd say those grades are about right and I would most likely rewatch all those films in that order if necessary. Thankfully, of those movies the only ones I can imagine myself ever sitting down to watch again are Dead Man Down and The Croods. Otherwise, take the rest out and burn 'em, I don't need 'em.

This week, however, I'm hoping things brighten up a bit this week. This morning I am seeing Trance and over the next couple of days I'll be seeing Evil Dead, Before Midnight and, most likely, Disconnect. Before Midnight is my most anticipated film of the year and I have high hopes for both Trance and Evil Dead.

Now I'm curious to hear from you. What have been your favorite films of the year and how about your worst. If I was to start a top ten out of the films I've seen I guess it would go like this and it's really sad...

  1. Side Effects

Here's to hoping the rest of 2013 is much better.

  • GothamCity151

    I went to SXSW this year, so I am counting the films I saw there.

    1. The Spectacular Now
    2. Short Term 12
    3. The East
    4. Side Effects
    5. Before Midnight
    6. Milo
    7. Evil Dead
    8. Drinking Buddies
    9. Beautiful Creatures
    10. Much Ado About Nothing

  • Winchester

    I've only seen 'Oz The Great and Powerful' out of the 2013 releases so far. And I know that won't be on my list for the year already.

    Most of my cinema trips this year have been to catch the major releases from the tail end of 2012.

  • Dennis Brian

    I think it has been a fair year so far. Hill has done his best work in years. Arnold came back with what should have been a bang, and Harmony made his best film since Mister Lonely.

    1. Bullet to the Head (A)
    2. Last Stand (A-)
    3. Spring Breakers (B+)
    4. Charlie Swan (B+)
    5. Ginger and Rosa (B-)
    6. Temptation (C)
    7. Movie 43 (D+)
    8. Small Apartments (D)
    9. Die Hard 5 (F)
    10. Parker (F)
    11. TCM 3D (F)
    12. Mama (F)

    • Aaron King

      Harmony Korine's best film since Mister Lonely? You aren't going out on too much of a limb, he has only made one film since Mister Lonely.

  • topyxyz

    Only saw 4 movies this year and they look like this:

    1. Warm Bodies - B+
    2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation - C+
    3. Jack the Giant Slayer - C
    4. Oz - C-

    Hope I can sneak in The Croods sometime next week.

  • Matt

    I've only seen two films in theaters this year-

    Mama- C-
    Oz the Great and Powerful- C+

    Yep, not a great start for me. I really regret not seeing "Side Effects" in theaters, and am still hoping to catch "Spring Breakers." I'll be seeing "Evil Dead" this Saturday though and am hoping for the best.

  • samlane

    I've seen seven movies this year so far which sounds a bit pathetic, but given the other choice, I don't think I'm missing out on much.

    Side Effects - B+
    Dead Man Down - D
    Warm Bodies - C-
    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - C+
    Snitch - C
    Identity Thief - D-
    Oz The Great And Powerful - C-

  • Kessler

    So far, I've only seen one film this year and that was Gangster Squad. Not a very good start. Aside from Side Effects, I'm not too interested in any of the other movies that have been released. Maybe Oz and Jack the Giant Slayer, but that's about it. The rest of the year could be pretty good though.

  • Austin G.

    So far I've seen 23 films so far this year, and only two of them were actually great. Those two are Side Effects and Spring Breakers. The rest have been decent or bad. Not a great start to the year.

    Here's my list of rankings for 2013 films so far:

  • Ryguy815

    I've only seen 3 movies this year so far but if I had to rank them, I would rank them

    1. Identity Thief- A+
    2. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone- B
    3. Oz: The Great And Powerful- C+

    • Xarnis

      I really didn't like Identity Thief. To each his own, I guess

      • Ryguy815

        Why didn't you like it?

        • Xarnis

          I just didn't find it funny. But everyone has their own sense of humor, so I understand how you liked it.

  • StephanieB

    Beautiful Creatures
    G.I. Joe: Retaliation
    The Host
    Jack the Giant Slayer
    Oz the Great and Powerful
    Side Effects
    Warm Bodies

    Side Effects is at the top of my list, followed by Beautiful Creatures, which really surprised me.

  • Baca

    For me, Side Effects, Upstream Color, and Spring Breakers with the latter being my favorite.

  • lawhs89

    All those bad movies out when cable series like "Walking Dead", "The Bible" and "Game of Thrones" hit record numbers. Not giving people reason to get out of the house.

  • The Movie Guru

    1. Oz, The Great and Powerful- B-
    2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation- B- or C+
    3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone- C-

    Haven't seen much but hoping to see The Croods, 42, Scary Movie 5, Oblivion and anything else over the next month. Weakest time of the year.

  • Jordan B.

    Side Effects, a film I greatly enjoyed and graded an "A," is the only redeeming 2013 release I've seen so far. Haven't been interested in much else, though I will likely check out Warm Bodies once it hits Redbox. I also wouldn't mind seeing The Croods or The Place Beyond the Pines, but I'm not actively seeking them out.

    Now I really wanna watch Side Effects again...

    • Jordan B.

      Scratch that, gave Side Effects an A-. Still, a very, very solid film.

  • maja

    With the pretty rough selection of films out in the last 3 months I've only seen seven movies so far:

    1. Side Effects - B
    2. I Give It a Year - B-
    3. Trance - B-
    4. Stand Up Guys - C+
    5. Stoker - C+
    6. Oz the Great and Powerful - D
    7. Identity Thief - F

  • Xarnis

    I've seen 4 so far. Hopefully I'll be able to add Side Effects soon.

    1. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (3/5)
    2. G.I. Joe: Retalliation (3/5)
    3. The Call (2/5)
    4. Identity Thief (1.5/5)

  • Stinger

    To me the best film was Stoker. I think you're wrong about it, Brad. It's surely better than some of the pop-corn trash you rank above it. I think sometimes you stray from the way of a critic - I think you're a great critic, that's why I've signed up for your site, but sometimes you let subjective taste and prejudices cloud your judgment. What you said about that film was "there was no humanity" and that you didn't like the story, which is not a valid reason to consider the film a bad one. You should not let your dislike of the content influence your take on the form. To bring an extreme example, even Nazi propaganda could be a masterpiece.

    You acknowledged that the movie was visually great, so it's not right to rank it so low. I've read many critics who say "Django is too violent so it's not a good movie".

    Thanks for the other great reviews and generally awesome site anyway.

    • Jordan B.

      "...sometimes you let subjective taste and prejudices cloud your judgment."

      If you can come up with another way to look at film -- an entirely subjective art form and medium -- other than through one's own experiences and with one's own perspective, let us know.

      Simply put, what works for some does not work for others; what some like, some dislike; what one relates to, others may not. Critiquing a film doesn't mean you can just go down a checklist, mark off boxes, and tabulate a score or grade. A critic's work is entirely open-ended and inherently created through opinions, prejudices, tastes, experiences, and perspectives.

      At the end of the day, if a critic doesn't let his or her own voice come through, what are they adding to the critical landscape? Without varied, subjective opinions and takes, we get a black-and-white system -- a binary, Tomatometer-esque effect -- in which movies are either good or bad. But with something as subjective as film, it's just not that cut and dried.

      • Stinger

        I disagree. We have a spectrum of objectivity and subjectivity, and the fact that films are more subjective doesn't mean there should no standard, no criteria, no touchstone. There might be valid disagreements among critics, but "there wasn't any humanity" is not a valid reason to shoot down a film. A critic can let his voice come through, but s/he can't let that voice cloud his/her judgment. There would be no problem if Brad had said "this is a good movie that I hate".

        A critic, like a scientist, is supposed to fight his/her taste, prejudices, and personal experience. It will always be there, but it should not be dominant. I say that not only for a critic, but also for viewers. It should be a skill one has to master before mastering the art of watching TV.

        You method creates many problems. If a critic does what you say, his/her readership will be limited to only the people who share the same taste. Also the work of the director and the cast and crew deserves a chance. Also because you won't expand your horizons and open your mind if you are not willing to be flexible. The very purpose of art is to force the reader/watcher to acquire new tastes and views and to break away from their prejudices, to see the ugly side of things and such. How this can be achieved if we revere our own subjectivity instead of art?

        And also, at the end of the day, art is not entirely objective, but it's not as subjective as people say. If someone says Tyler Perry is a better director than Akira Kurosawa, he's wrong.

        • Jordan B.

          As far as Brad's review of Stoker is concerned, keep in mind that you are pulling just a few words out of the context of what surrounds them. Yes, he says that there is "zero evidence of humanity." I agree with you Stinger, that without more than a passing glance, it would be wrong to say that a movie is bad simply because there is "no ... humanity." But look at the rest of the sentence within which that phrase lay. Brad's full quote there is:

          "The unnatural mise-en-scene is so precise, it allows no room to breathe, yielding empty characters who exhibit zero evidence of humanity leaving the viewer utterly detached."

          The argument Brad makes isn't that the lack of humanity makes it a bad film. What he finds fault with is what effect that lack of humanity has on the film as a whole. The "empty characters," as they are referred to, "exhibit zero evidence of humanity," which he argues "leav[es] the viewer utterly detached."

          You can dig deeper and see what other effects this had on one man's opinion of the film, but the heart of Brad's argument, it seems, isn't that a lack of humanity makes Stoker a terrible film, but when already empty characters display "zero evidence of humanity," that leaves him feeling detached, unable to relate to either the characters, the feelings the characters experience, or the story that is meant to tie the characters together. That's a fundamental issue: without being able to relate to large portions of the film, there is little to take away.

          I agree that critics must allow their tastes to sit back at times, and that in order to grow as both viewers and critics, we need to open up our minds to new experiences and new things. That's certainly valid. I wasn't intending to say anything to the contrary on that point.

          My primary argument, about subjectivity, is that everyone walks into a film with their own perspective, their own take on life and their own years of experience behind them. It's the reason I loved Silver Linings Playbook, and have seen it 4 times now, while my brother thought it was pretty average. I related, strongly I might add, and he really didn't.

          There is, yes, some objectivity to art -- so I suppose I shan't say it's entirely subjective, though I think it is more subjective than not -- where I can say something was generally well-made (i.e. Lincoln) yet still walk away from it unsatisfied. Same with Citizen Kane: it is well put together, I just didn't care for it all that much, even after watching it multiple times.

          Just because most everyone else reveres a film, doesn't mean you or I have to, and that's where subjectivity largely comes into play. If we give everything a binary, "yes-no" pass without examining it through our own lenses -- using our experiences and perspectives to determine whether or not we can relate, or in some cases, if we can see the other side of the story -- the landscape tends to grow cluttered, and there becomes a pretty dull critical conversation with which viewers must attempt to inform themselves.

          • Stinger

            But the truth is, that was the POINT of the movie. We're not supposed to feel for the characters, or relate to the film. That's what makes it such a thrilling and fantastic experience. There are many great works of art that derive their force from distancing from the reader, the most famous one is Brecht. Brad's chilly response was the response the film wanted to provoke, which is to show viewers the basic monstrosity in human nature. That's why I say Brad missed the point and let his subjectivity cloud his judgment. It's still describing what the movie does and then claiming it's bad. But it's good because it does what it does well.

            And it's completely fine to have preferences. I'm not saying you're supposed to relate to Citizen Kane. But if you are a critic, and you are going to pass a judgement on a film, if you're going to give it a grade as if you are a teacher and the director is your student, (thus not only implying that your judgement is a matter of measurement and scientific), and if there are people who will look at that grade and read your review and are influenced by it, and if that judgment contributes to the overall success or failure of a movie, then your responsibility is more than a simple spectator, so you can't go on and give Citizen Kane a C- because you didn't relate to it.

            And there's no need to strip the review of the human element. Have you read Donald Richie's essays on Ozu and Kurosawa films? I recommend them if you haven't. He mixes the objectivity of analysis and the poetry of personal experience. But what is important is to realize that personal experience does not amount to judgment, so it must be kept separate. I'm an atheist and I dislike religion, but I'm not going to call a religious movie bad because I can't relate to it. A religious movie is made for a religious audience and I have to try and be religious while watching that movie. And then, I have expanded my mind. And this is the purpose of cinema.

            • Jordan B.

              I suppose I have a difficult time agreeing with your second paragraph, particularly. You seem to be saying that, if a movie appears it may be culturally significant in some way, or perhaps already is culturally significant, critics should give it a pass so that others see it and it remains in that upper-echelon of "culturally significant films."

              Now, I am all for being understanding of a film's importance, and often when I review particularly regarded films I acknowledge that, but if a film fails to attach viewers, hold interest, or create some reason for the audience to "care," that's evidence of some disconnect between filmmaker and audience. Maybe the filmmaker is at fault, maybe the viewer is at fault, though most of the time both shoulder the blame.

              As far as reviewing goes, a reviewer is largely giving his or her opinion of a film, and that opinion takes into account both objective and subjective aspects of film.

              I think that the technical aspects of filmmaking are more or less what I would consider "objective," where whatever grade I give a film builds its foundation -- is the plot well-structured, what sort of symbolism/themes does it present, is it well-shot, are there well-placed effects, functional acting, effective editing and sound and score, those types of things.

              The more subjective nature is what we take from the film, where one's perspectives, experiences, and tastes come into play -- do we like/relate to the story or characters, does the film move us, does it entertain, thrill, evoke emotion, is it stylistically pleasing, and what have you. These parts can sometimes strengthen and sometimes eat at the foundation, leaving either a standing-structure or a giant hole.

              Those two aspects combine to form an overall opinion of the film in a viewer's mind, and often those two aspects blur together -- they aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. Sometimes the subjective nature overtakes the objective, and other times, the objective wins out. But whether that's because something was simply well-done or because it fits one's tastes is often difficult to decipher. It's certainly worth examining further, at any rate.

              I will have to take a look at some of Richie's essays that you've pointed to; they seem intriguing, and if they are anything like the handful of Criterion essays I've read, I'm sure I will enjoy them. Though I disagree with some of your opinion, I do find it valid and intriguing, and I think our difference of opinion here makes for excellent discussion in a community such as this.

              • Stinger

                Yes, I enjoyed reading your comments too and you have all the respect I can give.

  • RagingTaxiDriver

    1 - Side Effects (High 4/5)
    2 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation (High 3/5)
    3 - The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (3/5)
    4a - Oz: The Great and Powerful (2.5/5)
    4b - Parker (2.5/5)
    5 - Identity Thief (2/5)

  • Mikey

    I haven't made that many trips to the theater this year. Side Effects is clearly the standout. I do consider Quartet to be a good film though it was right on the 3-2.5/4 bubble line for me.

    1) Side Effects (3/4)
    2) Quartet (3/4)
    3) Warm Bodies (2.5/4)
    4) The Croods (2.5/4)
    5) Jack the Giant Slayer (2/4)

  • Beautifulm

    War Witch was the best for me.

    I've heard Gimme the Loot was pretty good and Lore.

  • High5Freddie

    Sorry folks... but I'm gonna have to give Spring Breakers the title of "Best Movie of 2013...So Far" over Side Effects thanks to what I found to be a cheap & unconvincing twist in the latter's final act. Other than that I agree w/ a couple of ya'll claiming that these two movies are the only ones worthy of a mention in terms of "Best of... 2013". My rankings ("...So Far") are as follows...

    1. Spring Breakers [B] (The performances really took me by surprise... especially that of Ms. Gomez.)

    2. Side Effects [B-] (A great 2/3rds of a movie.)

    3. A Good Day to Die Hard [B-] (Oh, come on now... it's just another entry in the Die Hard franchise. What else is there to be expected?)

    4. Warm Bodies [C+] (Great acting from a very thin-minded script.)

    5. Mama [C] (Some scenes were effectively creepy... others not so much.)

    6. Dead Man Down [C] (I was more intrigued by the 3 minute trailer than that of the 117 minutes in film that followed.)

    7. Dark Skies [C-] (Even "Mac & Me" made more common since... & that was just an over-glorified commercial w/ a Hollywood budget.)

  • aza124

    I haven’t seen a bunch of new stuff to warrant a clear list but I’ll take a stab at it here. My current top 5:

    1. Spring Breakers (B/B+)
    2. Side Effects (B)
    3. Beautiful Creatures (B-)
    4. Ginger And Rosa (B-)
    5. Warm Bodies (C)

  • marlonwallace

    Like with last year, there are a lot of indie, foreign and documentary films that get overlooked. Has anyone seen these films? Where would they rank in the best of the year so far?

    'My Brother the Devil'
    'From Up on Poppy Hill'
    'Upstream Color'
    'Like Someone in Love'
    'My Amityville Horror'
    'A Place at the Table'
    'War Witch'

    • High5Freddie

      You bring up a good point... though it's just too bad that the only theater in my small town tends over look these sorts of films because... well, I guess the are just generally deemed non-commercial worthy of a wide release ( that of the studio's decision, no doubt.). "Upstream Color" & "My Amityville Horror" are on my list of future rentals for sure.

    • Stinger

      The ones I know about are all 2012 films.

    • APototsky

      Poppy Hill and Upstream Color were both excellent

    • GregDinskisk

      I've seen From Up on Poppy Hill, which was great at some points and very, very 'off' at others. I saw the first fifteen minutes of Wrong, and I loved it through that point. Had an option to see Yossi, but didn't. Will catch Upstream Color, the rest of Wrong, and War Witch at the cinema at some point.

  • Adu

    Have only seen Identity Thief this year, which was awful. The ones I am interested in that have been released so far (but never played near me) are:

    A Place Beyond the Pines
    Warm Bodies
    Side Effects

  • Aleonardis

    I've seen 13 so far this year which isn't a lot because I feel like I was over 20 at this point in the year.

    Spring Breakers - A
    Evil Dead - B+
    Side Effects - B-
    Stoker - C+
    Warm Bodies - C+
    The Sapphires - B-
    The To-Do-List - C+
    Mama - C+
    The Last Stand - C+
    The East - C
    Snitch - D+
    21 and Over - D+
    Safe Haven - D

    I'll be seeing Upstream Color and Trance soon so that should bolster this a bit. The list is in preference. Though, Evil Dead and Spring Breakers are the only real must see movies on the list.

  • joshua fauvel

    I've seen 6 movies so far rate from the best to the worst
    2.dead man down
    3.the call
    4.the sapphires
    5.the last stand
    6.g.I Joe retaliation

  • APototsky

    Spring Breakers - A+
    Upstream Color - A
    Side Effects - A
    From Up on Poppy Hill - B+
    Room 237 - B+
    Oz the Great and Powerful - C+

  • joshua fauvel

    Hey brad I hope this isn't a stupid question but does springbreakers or James Franco have a shot at any kind of Oscar nom

    • Brad Brevet

      Not a stupid question, I have James Franco on my Supporting Actor board. No, I don't think he'll actually get a nomination, but his name should be included among the contenders.

  • zacksparrow

    1. Warm Bodies (D+)
    2. A Good Day to Die Hard (F)

    That's all I've seen. I have high hopes for 42 though. Even though it doesn't count, I'm also excited to experience Jurassic Park in IMAX.

  • Andrew13

    Haven't seen too many so far this year, but I'm hoping things will turn around with '42,' 'Trance,' and 'Place Beyond the Pines' coming out the next two weeks. But so far...

    1. Side Effects: B+
    2. To the Wonder: B+
    3. Stoker: B
    4. Gangster Squad: D

  • Chris138

    I've only seen two movies so far this year, but neither of them I would call great.

    1. Oz the Great and Powerful - B
    2. To the Wonder - C

    I really hope things start to pick up soon...

    • Chris138

      Damn, I forgot one:

      Warm Bodies - C+

  • Tom

    The only film I've bothered to see in theaters so far this year has been Side Effects, which fortunately did not disappoint. Hoping to catch Spring Breakers and Place Beyond the Pines soon though.

  • AS

    1. Side Effects = 3.5 / 5
    2. Reality = 3.5 / 5
    3. No = 3 / 5
    4. The Brass Teapot = 3 / 5
    5. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III = 3 / 5
    6. Gangster Squad = 2 / 5

  • Paige

    I only saw two movies this year, not counting Django & Les Mis which I saw after 2012 was over. I only screwed up some interest to see Side Effects and Oz, both I really liked (though I acknowledge the flaws Oz had, it was still very entertaining). Side Effects was a great story.

    I can't wait to see Evil Dead & The Place Beyond the Pines in the next couple weeks! And then the Great Gatsby in May. Finally getting a reason to use my free movie passes from working at a theater.

  • Jesse Bodyshield

    Buy or Sell
    All of Dwayne Johnson's movies coming out this year will grade "C"

  • Jesse Bodyshield

    To be honest, this year has been terrible thus far. I've seen more movies in theaters from rewatches of 2012 films than 2013 films. However, I did see three movies this year and aside from "Side Effects", I wasn't very impressed!
    1. Side Effects 4.5/5
    2. Snitch 3/5
    3. Gangster Squad 1.5/5

  • Jesse Bodyshield

    I would also want to ask the community what do you think of advertising this year? I've found if anything the trailers are making me want to stay away from the movies (and I do my very best to avoid them) I also found that I've heard of very few movies coming out this year and ironically enough those bombed HARD (Burt Wonderstone and Beautiful Creatures specifically!)

  • lalecture

    Sounds like most commenters agree with the lack luster first quarter of 2013.
    I missed Side Effects in theaters which I'm certain I will like one I can rent it.
    I've only seen one film in the theater, Identity Thief. Which I would give a C-
    It made me laugh enough to overlook the sloppy writing and acting.
    The second quarter should bring some improvements.
    I plan to see The Place Beyond the Pines and Trance as soon as it comes to town.

  • Criterion10

    I'm ashamed to admit, I've only seen one film so far this year, and that is Spring Breakers. That certainly will find a way onto my top ten list, unless this year happens to be absolutely amazing.

    Still need to catch up on Side Effects, Stoker, and many others. Hoping to see Place Beyond the Pines and Room 237 soon.

  • Alex Thomas

    My Letterboxd list says I've seen 7 2013 films, only two of which I liked.

    1. Side Effects
    2. Gangster Squad

    I know many didn't like the latter but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The other 5 are all very poor in my books:

    3. The Last Stand
    4. Movie 43
    5. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
    6. 21 And Over
    7. GI Joe Retaliation

    Oh well, Oblivion is next week at least!

  • Kevin Wozniak

    Went to Sundance 2013. Sadly missed Fruitvale, but still saw quite a few along with other wide releases.

    Top 5

    1- The Way, Way Back
    2- Kill Your Darlings
    3- Side Effects
    4- The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
    5- Spring Breakers

    Bottom 5

    1- Austenland
    2- Identity Thief
    3- The Rambler
    4- Safe Haven
    5- Ain't them Bodies Saints

    5 Best Performances

    1- Dane DeHaan - Kill Your Darlings
    2- Sam Rockwell - The Way, Way Back
    3- James Franco - Spring Breakers
    4- Rooney Mara - Side Effects
    5- Matthew McConaughey - Mud

  • Corbin

    So far, I've only seen 3 movies, so I would rank them like this.

    1. Warm Bodies 3.5/5
    2. Jack the Giant Slayer 3/5
    3. Ox: the Great and Powerful 2.5/5

    Gonna see GI Joe soon, as well as Oblivion and (hopefully) Pain and Gain. I may see 42 and Mud, not sure yet. The one movie I want to see desperately in April, but can't, is Trance.

  • Alex Tyler

    2013 really hasn't been a good year so I've spent most of it watching older movies.
    Of the 2013 films, I guess "The Croods" would be the best I've seen. Not saying much though due to the duds like Beautiful Creatures, Hansel and Gretel, etc.

    I saw Reservoir Dogs and Who's Knocking at my Door last night. And by the way, I thought it was funny that in both films someone tells Harvey Keitel "I oughta have my head examined". Pretty neat coincidence.

  • SmartFilm

    Because my wallet has been a lot emptier than I would normally like, I've only seen four films in theaters this first quarter. Hoping that nearly doubles this weekend after the release of Pines, Evil Dead and Trance.

    Stoker- A-
    Side Effects- B
    Warm Bodies- C+
    Spring Breakers- D+

  • andyluvsfilms

    to keep it simple the best movie i've seen this year is The Hunt and the worst is Trance, so there

  • Podolski

    Side Effects is the only movie from 2013 I've seen so far and it was great, looks like it was a good call... I'm just watching the good movies I missed from 2011 and 2012 right now since the 2013 movies have been underwhelming so far (according to RT + Brad)

  • Podolski

    Looking forward to seeing Spring Breakers and Trance, though

  • SeenSome

    In the UK we get most of the Oscar contenders after Christmas so those have generally been the bets movies I've seen this year so far but in terms of true 2013 movies, the only two that get 4 stars are Side Effects and Welcome to the Punch.

    Warm Bodies, Burt Wonderstone and Trance were all pretty good too but they're 3 or 3.5 star movies for me.

    • SeenSome

      As for the worst, Die Hard is definitely up there, that was a real nightmare. Beautiful Creatures I liked the first half then it got terrible. Everything else has just been bland and forgettable rather than actively bad.

      Thankfully Spring Breakers and Place Beyond the Pines are out in the next week or two.

  • Mac Cargould

    I haven't seen crap this year. First quarter of the year is more often than not, the worst time for new movies in the theater.

  • Arthur Carlson

    I didn't realize how few movies I've seen so far. I'm a father of a two year old, so the last two years, I haven't been to too many movies. Two of the 2013 films I saw this year I rented On Demand. But, it's a little bit of lack of interest in the movies, as even some of the films on my list, I wasn't excited about seeing, just had two hours to kill. So, here we go with my list:

    1. Side Effects (A)
    2. John Dies at the End (B+)
    3. Snitch (B-)
    4. The ABC's of Death (B-)
    5. Olympus Has Fallen (B-)
    6. Oz, The Great and Powerful (C+)
    7. Bullet to the Head (D+)
    8. Texas Chainsaw 3D (D+)
    9. A Good Day to Die Hard (D)

  • Alexi Demetriadi

    I live in England so some on the list may have been released over in the US last year and some may have yet to be released:

    Zero Dark Thirty (A+)
    Django Unchained (A)
    Cloud Atlas (A)
    Lincoln (A)
    To the Wonder (B)
    Trance (B)
    The Paperboy (B)
    Hyde Park on Hudson (B-)
    Flight (C)
    Identity Thief (C-)
    Movie 43 (D+)
    This is 40 (D+)

    • Alexi Demetriadi

      Scratch that, change the A+ on Zero Dark Thirty to an A*

  • Thomas Polite

    I'm sorry, but how anyone thought Beautiful Creatures was anything but god awful I will never know. Easily the worst movie I've seen this year.

  • GregDinskisk

    Going to be catching up on a few films this week (On the Road, No, Lore, Love and Honor, maybe Burt Wonderstone, definitely Evil Dead,West of Memphis, and maybe Ginger and Rosa) but for now, this is my list of the best and worst of 2013 so far... I've seen a lot more than I had last year at this time...

    1. Spring Breakers - As many have said, this was absolutely fantastic! Thank you Criterion10 for spreading a little awareness to me about this one, or else I might not have seen it...

    2. Side Effects - I'm a pretty big Soderbergh junkie. I'm in the midst of reading his book where he interviews Richard Lester right now, and it's an interesting read... (Read my full review here:

    3. Beyond the Hills - (this is 2013, right?) It was shot in a style that seemed to be a mix between A Separation's and Amour's, and it really worked. I haven't seen 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days quite yet, so I can't compare, but that's now near the top of my list of films to watch.

    4. Stoker - I really dug its style. I don't even really care if it was style over substance, it was just shot so well!!!

    5. John Dies at the End - I'm a massive Don Coscarelli and David Wong fan, so this was right up my alley.

    6. Kill Me Now - Written by Michael Swaim of Cracked! (like David Wong, heh...) it was funny as hell. Great take on horror of today.

    7. Warm Bodies - I'm a Jonathan Levine fan. I'm glad this was as fun as it was.

    8. From Up on Poppy Hill - 2013 in America (or Canada, where I saw it), so it counts. It shows that the lil' Miyazaki has a talent too, and everything that happened at school was phenomenal (reminiscent of Rushmore), but everything else seemed really forced...

    9. The ABCs of Death - Some ups, some downs, like in all anthology films. Some, specifically D and O were beautifully shot, and I loved them.

    10. The Croods - A little rough at places, but a fun time.

    11. Oz the Great and Powerful - Mostly a CGI showcase, but I LOVED the references Raimi made to some of his other films, specifically Army of Darkness with the scene where Oz was putting together some of his mechanisms ("Here are the blue-prints... I made some modifications myself...") which was shot in the exact same way, same blocking, almost same dialogue. No matter the problems with the film, I always find myself enjoying his films. I feel the same way with Kevin Smith films. That being said, I do recognize its problems, which have been stated over and over before, so there's no point in my reiterations of them.

    12. Olympus Has Fallen - Not too much to say here... A good time, despite some logic errors.

    13. Emperor - I came out strangely satisfied, but I'm still unsure as to why.

    14. The Host - A decent film, well shot, well directed, well acted, horribly, horribly written. Why the fuck did they kiss in the rain IN THE FUCKING DESERT?!??! Yes, despite everything else, that gets me more than anything.

    15. Safe Haven - A fun, fun time due to its horribleness (read my full review here:

    16. 21 & Over - I hated this film more than most any other. I can't think of anything I have ever hated more, and I'm not being hyperbolic, I actually can't think of anything. (Read my full review here:

    Aaaand that's it.

  • Drey Black

    This is not in order just giving them the grades.

    Spring Breakers A+ [One of the only 3 films so far with scores higher then 70, and I see why]

    Side Effects A- [Really enjoyable]

    Oz. The Great and Powerful B+ [Went for Mila Kunis and ended up staying]

    Safe Haven B- [Okay if you want to be entertained]

    21 & Over C- [Stupid but not the worst]

    Zero Dark Thirty C- [Nothing really but a raid and torture]

    G.I. Joe Retaliation C+ [If you like action check it out, If you like good story skip]
    Warm Bodies C- [Expected more]

    Olympus Has Fallen C+ [Great idea and effects, but eh....Something is just wrong and missing]

    A Haunted House C+ [Enjoyable (If your black) dont worry Im black. It lacks real story but Essence is funny as always and the Wayne Brothers]

    Texas Chainsaw 3D C- [Almost a D+, """SPOILER""" everyone but the girl dies literally like 20 minutes in maybe less. by the end it seems like some wannabe horror turned drama]

    Evil Dead C+ [Not really as scary as said]

    Scary Movie 5 B- [I gave it a B- because its meant to be stupid comedy and pulls it off. If you go into here thinking I want really good story telling then dont go, but if you go in just looking for a laugh go right on in. Some will like and some wont]

    Best Performances
    Spring Breakers - "Vanessa Hudgens" and "Ashley Benson"
    A Haunted House "Essence Atkins"

    -Might I Say-
    Let me just say this for my good haters of "Spring Breakers": You judged the film before watching it. Some say its bad because Vanessa and Selena. Let me say Vanessa has been off Disney for at least 6 years. After "Wizards" ended Selena shot "Spring Breakers" in april-may. Then returned to Wizards in November so while filming Spring Breakers her Disney show was gone. If you hate the film because Selena and Vanessa are in it and you claim to be fans you aren't. There freaking ACTING and pretty believable if you think there doing this ish for real. There acting like college girls on Spring Break...meaning ex. Drinking, smoking, drugs, partying, dancing with guys and girls. Just having fun.
    Yes you will most likely like A Haunted House if your black.