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'Before Midnight', 'Aftershock' and 'Scary Movie 5' Among Today's MPAA Ratings

A little bit of everything in today's ratings

Latest MPAA Ratings: BULLETIN NO: 2265
Latest MPAA Ratings: BULLETIN NO: 2265

Today's batch of new MPAA ratings brings a little bit of everything beginning with the awful Aftershock, which I saw, reviewed and hated at the Toronto Film Festival last year. That is followed by my most anticipated film of the year, Before Midnight, which I am actually working with Sony Classics right now to bring you a rather cool feature this May.

Also included is the sci-fi feature Europa Report starring Sharlto Copley, Scary Movie 5 and two Sundance acquisitions in The Way, Way Back and Alex Gibney's documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks. Like I said, a little bit of everything.

Below is the complete batch of latest MPAA ratings from Bulletin #2265.

Rated R For strong bloody violence including rape, language, drug content and some nudity.
Release Date: TBA 2013
Baby Geniuses: Treasures Of Egypt
Rated G
Rated R For sexual content/nudity and language.
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Birds Of A Feather
Rated R For language and some violence.
Broken Horses
Rated R For violence and language.
Charlie Zone
Rated R For strong violence including some torture, drug use, language and brief sexuality.
Come Out And Play
Rated R For strong disturbing violence involving children, and for some language.
The Contractor
Rated PG-13 For some violence.
Rated PG-13 For sci-fi action and peril.
Release Date: TBA 2013
King's Faith
Rated PG-13 For violence, some drug content and thematic elements.
NYC Underground
Rated R For violence, language, and teen drug and alcohol use.
Rated R For language and some bloody images.
Rated PG-13 For crude and sexual content throughout, language, some drug material, partial nudity, comic violence and gore.
Release Date: April 12, 2013
Rated R For language, sexual references and brief drug use.
Rated PG-13 For thematic elements, language, some sexual content and brief drug material.
Release Date: July 5, 2013
Rated R For some disturbing violent images, language and sexual material.
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Wiener Dog Nationals
Rated G
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  • Ryguy815

    I'm very surprised at the rating for Scary Movie 5, the trailers made it look like an R and those rating reasons seem to be pretty extreme for a PG-13.

    • Chris Etrata

      Im not. It looked PG 13 all the way through. Wanted this to be R.

      • Ryguy815

        What made you think it looked PG-13?

        • Jordan B.

          Based on the ratings for the franchise's third and fourth installment, I think Scary Movie 5 was aiming for PG-13 from the get-go. The target audience has dropped significantly in age since the first Scary Movie was released.

  • James

    I'm shocked scary movie is not rated r

  • Shane O’Neal

    My most anticipated movie of the year's on this list.

    ...Baby Geniuses: Treasures Of Egypt. That's the clear front-runner for Best Picture this year.

    • GregDinskisk

      Not NYC Underground??? I've heard it's the new King's Speech!!!

      Wait, never mind, that's King's Faith...

    • MajorFilmFan

      No, actually the Best Picture will go to Weiner Dog Nationals

  • Ryguy815

    I have one question...why in the world would they even make another Baby Geniuses movie?

    • Jordan B.

      Hey, when babies are running around being geniuses, someone needs to make a movie about it! Am I right?! .............. -___-

  • m1

    So Before Midnight has an actual sex scene in it? Sounds like a departure from the previous films. Either way, I'm hoping it's a great movie.

    • MajorFilmFan

      You knew they had to show a sex scene between the two characters eventually

  • MajorFilmFan

    Wow, they certainly went extreme with the rating for Aftershock. I won't be seeing it after your GLOWING review from Toronto, Brad.

  • Zhash Johnson

    I'm glad to see that Scary Movie 5 is PG-13. There are too many R-rated comedies. (most of which are either satisfactory or stupid and the raunchy material does not enhance these movies AT ALL) I don't care if a comedy is as tame as a Charlie Chaplin film or as adult as American Pie, or worse. All I want is a comedy that is actually funny.

    P.S. I knew this would be PG-13 the second I started watching the trailer.