Watch a Japanese Trailer for 'Battleship'

Battleship Japanese trailer
Photo: Universal Pictures

A Japanese trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship has popped up online and just skimming through it looking for a couple of screen captures it looks like it is exactly the same kind of film as Transformers only this is an extraordinarily loose adaptation of a board game (which makes me feel stupid just writing) and doesn't have any matter of built-in audience.

Starring Taylor Kitsch, Tom Arnold, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, Hamish Linklater, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and Josh Pence, Battleship is set to hit theaters on May 18, 2012 and of the twenty films I included in a recent poll asking readers "If You Could See One of These 20 Upcoming 2012 Releases Today, which One Would It Be?" Battleship is second to last with only five votes, just ahead of the three earned by Wrath of the Titans. Give this new trailer a watch and tell me if it makes you more or less interested than you previously were.

  • Alex Roggio

    Shows you how bad Clash was that people don't want to see Wrath.

  • Winchester

    Nope, didn't change my opinion from the first trailer.

    If you wanna make a Micheal Bay movie, just get Micheal Bay in to do it. But then, I might put a few bucks aside to see it. I mean, it could be THE comedy of the Summer. If John Carter doesn't get in their first.

    Either way, could be a pretty good or bad year for Taylor Kitsch.

  • http://ropeofsilicon Juror eight

    This looks like the biggest load of................oh, i can`t be bothered.

  • Semper Vivus

    To pull this one into successful territory, they should have had a major movie star headlining, similarly to how Will Smith made Independence Day a fun movie.

  • Irf

    Wow, Transformers on water. Count me in.

  • Mr Stark

    Peter Berg is a fine director. Fine enough to make a board game movie successful? Well, the trailer sure is loud as hell. I'm excited for Michael Bay's Play-doh The Movie starring the ghost of Jim Varney.