Batman Shortlist for 'Batman vs. Superman' Includes Gosling, Brolin & More

Batman Shortlist for 'Batman vs. Superman'At the end of last week we rumor had it Warner Bros. was looking for an actor in his mid-40s described as "a grizzled veteran who has been on the job for several years" to play Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman (or Man of Steel 2 if you prefer). At the time names such as Jon Hamm, Josh Brolin and Gerard Butler were mentioned as potential contenders, but today The Hollywood Reporter has something of a more "official" leaked list of names including Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Matthew Goode, Joe Manganiello, Richard Armitage and Max Martini.

The list makes some measure of sense in some places and not so much in others. If they're looking for a grizzled actor in his mid-40s where does the idea of 32-year-old Ryan Gosling come up and if you're going to consider Gosling why not just ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt (32) and maintain continuity with Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight franchise? That said, I see no chance of Gosling get this role.

As much as I think Manganiello (36) is solid on "True Blood" and found his "pumped" up portion of Magic Mike to be hilarious, I don't think he has the chops to pull off a role such as Batman and lead what I expect WB wants to be a new franchise, though he's got the "grizzled" look nailed.

The smart bets would be on Goode (35), Brolin (46) and Armitage (41). No, I don't see Pacific Rim's Max Martini scoring the role. Between those three I personally would love to see Josh Brolin, who is also reportedly the frontrunner/favorite at this point, but Armitrage, who will be seen again as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this winter, could also be a great choice. Goode would be serviceable, but I just don't think he would distinguish himself enough from Henry Cavill as Superman to be the best choice.

For now, of course, these are just rumors, but with David S. Goyer working on the script and filming expected to begin in 2014 for a 2015 release, I expect them to want to get this role nailed down sooner rather than later.

Which of these names would you like to see? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment.

Which of these names would you like to see play Batman in Batman vs. Superman?

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  • TheBioscopist

    I'm starting to think Karl Urban might be a good pick.

    • andyluvsfilms

      Urban is mine and a lot of peoples favourite to be the new Batman so fingers crossed. Brolin and Armitage are both fine choices and as much as i like him, i just can't see Baby Goose as the Caped Crusader

    • TVs Ross

      I'm definitely with you on this one. I think he'd be a better fit than anyone else listed.

      • kyle coley

        Karl is the perfect choice, but i can live with josh

  • maja

    Anyone except Brolin and Gosling. Those two are better actors than this project deserves and I hope they concentrate their efforts on other projects.

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    Brolin would neither be a good Bruce Wayne nor be a convincing Batman.

    Gosling too much of a baby face.

    Goode too creepy, would be better suited as a Batman villain.

    Martini doesn't have the acting chops IMO

    Armitage can play the brooding Batman, and can be passable as Bruce Wayne.

    Who they cast doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, when you've got mediocre filmmakers steering the ship.

    • Kimberlesk


  • SmartFilm

    I'd love to see Brolin in the role and no matter how much I like Gosling, there's no chance he gets cast as Batman.

  • Cordia

    The thing is, i think no one on this list would be a good choice. Nobody on the list except for Gosling could play both Bruce Wayne and Batman. there should be someone who looks good, is charming and is really tough in the batman suit. Of these choices, Brolin makes the most sense. but with his age (46) there is no real chance for a big franchise. would not want to be in the producers shoes at this point.

  • Bertram J. Krogh

    I guess Brolin could pull it off, but I'd prefer they'd choose an unknown for the role.

  • Adu

    I was really hoping this 'older' rumor wasn't true as I wanted to see JGL continue on as a thread from the Nolan universe; as far as I'm concerned that would have been the smartest continuation decision...ever!

    Anyways, from the list given Armitage seems to fit the mould well; Brolin is just too damn old looking to be any super-hero for me. I do like the Karl Urban rumblings however.

  • Fox

    "a grizzled veteran who has been on the job for several years"

    It HAS to be the baby goose.

  • Kessler

    I do like the sound of Karl Urban as Batman. He'd be a very good pick.

    I'm not very impressed by this shortlist, however. Josh Brolin is certainly the best pick, but even he wouldn't be my first choice. I'd much rather see Urban, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or even Armie Hammer take on the role. But if I had to pick somebody on this list, I'd definitely go with Brolin.

  • Sir Trey

    Josh Brolin is the best out of that group but I'm still pining for Jon Hamm. Karl Urban is a decent idea as well...

    And please, not Matthew Goode. He already screwed up Ozymandias in Watchmen, don't horribly miscast him again as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  • B. Smith

    Although I voted for Ryan Gosling, I doubt he will get the role. He's not someone who does huge blockbuster movies, so I don't see him doing it. Personally I'm going with Richard Armitage or Matthew Goode as the more likely picks since Josh Brolin is a bit old. If the Justice League movie comes out in 2017-2018, he'll be 50 years old, and if they do sequels he'll be even older. Even if they're going for an older look, I think it would be a bit unbelievable to see some 50 year old non-superpowered person successfully fighting villains half their age.

  • TomehC

    Why didn't I think of Matthew Goode before?! That guy is perfect for the part! He can play dark and brooding, but he can also play the showy playboy. The role of Batman is three parts-- The public Bruce Wayne, the private Bruce Wayne, and the guy in the cape. All of the actors listed can pull off one or two of those. Goode, in my opinion, is the only one who can do all three.

  • Steven P

    Out of all those, I'd like Brolin the best.

  • G-Man

    John Campea from AMC brought up Ben Affleck as a possibility, given his relationship with WB. Thoughts?

    • Fox

      That would be a 'daredevil' move by WB.

    • Django

      Not a chance. He's already played a superhero (Daredevil) and i'm pretty sure he's in the 'mature' mindset of film making at the moment.

  • Django

    Richard Armitage, damn i never thought of him. He would be the PERFECT Batman. Brolin feels too well known IMO. Gosling is way too young and i don't think he has enough range. I'll be sad if Richard doesn't get the role. That is unless a better casting choice comes along.

    • GregDinskisk

      You don't think Gosling has enough range? Sorry, I find that hard to believe... I think he's the best actor of his generation, and that this would be an easy role for him.

      Having said that, I hope he doesn't do it. I'd rather have him do interesting smaller stuff.

      • Django

        I've seen him in Half Nelson, Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine, Drive and Only God Forgives and although he does put in a convincing performance time and time again, i'm just saying that i can't see him pulling off the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. He always seems to give off the same mannerisms and acting style.

  • Stinger


    Matthew Good could be a good Joker.

    • Kimberlesk

      I think Fassy would make a great Riddler

  • rvastar

    From Brad's list: Richard Armitage by a mile.

    Brolin would have a made good Tony Stark if they'd decided to go with a bit more straight-forward take on the character...but Batman? No.

    The rest? No.

    From my own list: I would be extremely happy with Jim Caviezel or Mads Mikkelsen. I would be happy with Karl Urban.

  • SeenSome

    It doesn't seem like the kind of role Gosling would go for. I don't think he's suited to the role either but he doesn't seem like a guy who's going to commit to a franchise. He had a chance at the 'mainstream' after The Notebook and slipped back into far more interesting independent fare so I don't see him taking on a film like this.

    Joe Mangianello has the right look but doesn't have the acting chops for it. I guess Brolin or Armitage would be the best of those mentioned.

  • Hamza Zain

    Jon Hamm is the actor they should get. Karl Urban would be the best Batman, but Jon Hamm would definitely give a good balance to both. And he's a huge comic book fan.

  • Alexi Demetriadi

    Would love to see Brolin cast. Would also be keen on Hamm and Urban.

  • Chris

    I want Gosling to play Batman. We need a star like him to take on the role. He also needs to be a psychopath. They should treat his character like a nut who were a costume. He can't play the same character as Bale.

  • Matt Taylor

    Out of this list, Brolin and Goode are the only two I'd be interested in seeing as Batman. The rest of the choices are actually pretty bad. Especially Gosling- I love him, but he's about as far away from Batman as you could get. Though, to be honest, I don't think he'll take the part.

  • Silrian

    Yeah... still for Wes Bentley for a young Batman and I think an older one is just dumb if they're not using Bale.

  • Silrian

    This is steering towards a JL, they need a Batman that's a mastermind. (*cue the hate*) None of this list really fit that bill for me. Hell not even Bale fits that bill for me, though he does so more than these six as far as I'm concerned, and he already made the role his own.

    Of older guys, someone like Guy Pearce would fit that bill (though he doesn't fit the appearance imo). Karl Urban? Friggin Eomer as Batman? That guy just lacks flair to me. I liked Dredd but again, that's so unsubtle. All of these guys are way too brutish. Bale owned that. I say steer away from it this time.

    I want a guy that Kevin Conroy's voice could fit on, cause his Batman, that's where they need to go with this shared universe imo.

  • Newbourne

    Why did you include Josh Brolin in the poll and not Jon Hamm?

  • Corbin

    Karl Urban should be on that list... #justsayin

  • Kimberlesk

    From that list -- I'd go for Armitage. He can pull off Wayne's suave, condescending attitude, and he did a great job making Thorin broken, yet regal, and tough as nails. Brolin comes across too old - unless they are going for Bruce in a Batman Beyond way. I still wouldn't be happy with him in the role and probably would wait for bluray to see it. I'm still on the Caveziel bandwagon, even though he's not even in the running.

  • Brockabye

    If you want an older Batman why not go with Michael Keaton? He was a great Batman in the late 80s/early 90s. He could do grizzled, he could be brooding. Plus he would be the only actor who could provide "real" experience of donning the cowl after 25+ years have passed since he last donned it, which would be similar to The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel which may be the basis of this new movie. My guess would be that this older Batman will be passing on his knowledge to a new younger Batman to continue the Batman franchise which is a cash cow for WB.

  • Tommy

    Been hearing a lot of people say they want Karl Urban, and I feel like he is a good choice. However, I've heard someone mention Scott Adkins. I honestly feel like it could work considering he has the martial arts ability to play Batman. I feel like we haven't seen the true martial arts side of Batman in a film yet. All the other Batmans previously portrayed were all slow, predictable, and not truly believable. I'm sure some of you feel like he might not be too strong of an actor, but he had me believing he was a real Russian fighter in Undisputed II.

  • Thushan De Silva

    Christian Bale.