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Barrymore and Grant Singing 'Music and Lyrics'

Rom-com drag in a couple of aging wonders.

Can Drew Barrymore really put asses in the seats any longer? We all saw what she looked like at the Golden Globes, a bit of a trainwreck I would say. She can't even keep the ladies under any kind of control, and by ladies I do mean "ladies".

Well, Castle Rock, WB and Village Roadshow seem to think there is some life in the old girl yet. On top of casting Drew in the upcoming rom-com Music and Lyrics By, they have also wrangled Hugh Grant into the film along with director Marc Lawrence.

The storyline is said to involve a lyrics writer and a music writer-performer whose collaboration takes a romantic turn.

I have no doubt Hugh Grant can pull this off. Hell, I would be willing to say Grant could handle any role thrown at him and I would be willing to watch. But him opposite Barrymore? I have to question this decision.

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