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Banksy Storyboards 'The Simpsons' Opening Couch Gag

Banksy doesn't hold back when given the chance

Photo: Fox Television

While this is primarily TV related I am posting it anyway since the street artist known as Banksy had his profile elevated several notches this year with his direction of the most likely-faux documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, and continuing the message adopted by that film, Banksy was invited to storyboard the opening couch gag for "The Simpsons."

The gag, once you watch it is ... I'm not sure "shocking" is the appropriate word, but when all things are considered it is shocking to see such a thing on a major network given its content. Then again, Fox has pretty much had to give up on censoring such material considering they house both "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy," both shows known for taking shots at "the man."

Give it a watch below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • LJF

    That was astounding, Banksy never fails to impress, brilliant job.

  • herestolookingatmekid

    the only thing missing was some baby seal leather boots.

  • A-K87

    I'm from Bristol (Hometown of Banksy) and I am over the moon at how succesful and renowned he has become. I hope he continues to influence pop culture!!!

  • Matt McGraw

    Banksy is brilliant. This is the best thing The Simpsons, my favorite series of all-time, has done in quite some time.



  • anonymous

    Makes you wonder.

  • maja

    That was quite exceptional!

  • Spadge

    Who the hell is Banksy???

    • Stiggy

      A British graffiti artist

      • Scroty McBoogerballs

        I'm pretty sure spadge did the most awesome thing- he had a question and instead of googling it himself, he asked the thread and the thread answered him. Quality use of the internet, spadge. Taking laziness to a sloth-like new level. Kudos.

    • Joshua Ludd

      Spadge, we have this thing now called the "internet", which allows you to search for things you want to know... which works far better than asking in a comments thread on the very thing you don't know about.

      • Hamdog

        Don't feed the troll, guys..

    • Try This

      Google Banksy

  • Leandro Dubost

    Whoa, this really is... Outstanding!

    I love how The Simpsons are always pushing the envelope. Sure, they're not that funny anymore (20 years later, you can't really blame them), but can you imagine TV without gags like those? They may only happen once in a while, but make the whole season worth it!

    I'm glad they can put this on air, kudos to Fox for airing (it's not like they're not making money out of things like this, but still).

  • EnglishGavz

    LOL, that was hilarious, I need to get back to watching the Simpsons.

  • stevie68a

    I love the Simpsons, even after all these years. There is always a bit of brilliance there.
    The most startling episode was called something like "The Parson Comes to Visit". This
    revealed something so astounding, that it went over 99% of the population's heads. They
    wouldn't get it after many repeat viewings. Congratulations to that writer!

  • The Man

    I've been wondering what to do with this damn unicorn. Thanks Simpsons!

  • aj

    disturbia, and yet another brilliant work of bansky

  • Steve J

    "Apparently, the title sequence was a reaction to reports that the show outsources much of its animation to a company in South Korea. The BBC is reporting that the controversial credits caused delays behind the scenes because of disputes over broadcast standards and a threatened walk-out by the show’s animation department. The news organization even quoted Simpsons executive producer Al Jean as saying: “This is what you get when you outsource.”


    • MylesMan

      Way to (perhaps it's EW's fault, not yours) misquote Al, he said it as a joke, and later concluded in saying that NONE of what was there in the gag was actually intended to offend.

  • m1

    Very well done. It was kind of sad towards the 2nd half, though.

  • Feedback

    Copyright claim.

  • JJ Abrams

    i don't know who this "banksy" is, but i'm guessing he's a really depressing guy

  • MylesMan

    Hey Brad, I think you should add an e-mail article button... unless of course-- this is the more likely of the two conclusions, I can't see it on account of being as blind as a bat :)

  • Will

    simpsons made korean sweatshop jokes about their show 15 years ago...

  • Scotty

    No matter what anybody says about The Simpsons. Any individual who is in the public eye who is invited to do anything for The Simpsons, is a huge success. You guys should have seen the 4 hour queues to get into Banks exhibition at The Bristol City Museum.

  • sonofsunday

    that was absolutly brilliant.

  • Groz

    Why would this be a problem to show for Fox? They are only making fun of themselves. What is there to censor? What, the severed head of a baby dolphin? Pff, like we don't see worse on every episode of... everything. Except maybe 7th heaven.

  • john

    If no one knows who Banksy really is, then how did "THE Simpsons" creators find/hire him to write a storyboard?