Eight New 'Avengers' Character Posters

The Avengers character posters
Photo: Marvel Studios / Walt Disney

Thanks to CinemaTeaser we have eight new character posters from The Avengers and once again they feature eight familiar faces in ever so familiar poses as the marketing campaign for this film appears content with using the same images for pretty much everything and simply adjusting the background and logo a bit each time.

Yet again you see we have looks at Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk).

I have included thumbnails for each poster below, just give one of them a click to browse through the gallery and I have also included a new German trailer for the film that features some new footage, but isn't subtitled so take what you can get.

The Avengers hits theaters on May 4, 2012, for more information, pictures and trailers click here.

  • http://pixel-drama.com Leandro Dubost

    This is one of the most boring marketing campaings I've ever seen for a blockbuster. It's like this movie doesn't have a look or feel, it's just a toy collection.

    I'm pretty sure Marvel could do something a little more interesting to sell its biggest movie ever.

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com Yaz

    Bah - agree with Leandro... this just screams lack of effort on Marvels part... Haven't we already seen these time and time again? They all look the same. It would be great if we actually go to see The Hulk for once, and not Mark Ruffalo with green lighting on his face.

    Promotion better kick into gear early 2012, otherwise it's going to be a missed opportunity.

  • Chris138

    I've realized I don't care for group superheroes. I didn't like Watchmen at all and I'm not looking forward to The Avengers. Plus I'm getting sick of the Marvel movies existing in order to introduce a new character each time in order to lead up to this movie. The fact that the trailer didn't impress me either doesn't help things.

    But I'm glad Nolan doesn't do any of this with his Batman films and the Justice League. Obviously after he's finished with his series and they reboot Batman, they'll probably end up making a Justice League movie, which I don't look forward to either.

    Anyways, yeah. I agree with the above posts that this is some pretty lazy marketing.

  • Rick

    It's like that didn't have Chris Evans on hand to get a picture.

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