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April 2013 Movie Wallpaper: 'Pain & Gain'

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Pain and Gain Wallpaper
Photo: Paramount Pictures /

This month's movie wallpaper image was pretty much a no-brainer for me. I've loved this shot of Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay's Pain & Gain since I first saw it and I had a lot of fun playing with the numbers when creating the wallpaper.

Unfortunately the image itself isn't altogether perfect considering Paramount denied me with a higher resolution version of the image saying it wasn't yet approved. So, I had to use a capture from the 1080p HD trailer. That said, I still think it came out quite good, especially considering I was working under the gun after I lost the entire project due to a malfunction over the weekend and had to start all over. I also have the wallpaper running on my 27" iMac and it looks good enough for me.

Just like previous wallpapers, this month's includes a few limited releases noted with an * and I've place a next to the New York and Los Angeles openers and a next to Upstream Color which will open in New York April 5 before expanding one week later.

The downloads are available in sizes that will fit both widescreen and full screen monitors and they are available only to logged in and registered users.

You can download the files directly below and I hope you enjoy.

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Pain & Gain hits theaters on April 26, and you can always keep up with the latest release dates right here on Rope of Silicon.

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  • Alex Dub


  • Engenius

    Not sure if it's intentional but it's missing the rope of silicon logo. Or I'm blind

    • Brad Brevet

      It's missing the logo because I had to create it on my laptop away from my office and didn't have all my tools. I was going to add it in and just forgot, I'll try and get it in there.

  • Hello Kitty

    I think I'll stick with black.

  • Adu

    Nice those nifty little splash effects.

  • Kai Sacco

    Awesome! My favorite RoS monthly wallpaper thus far!

  • lalecture

    It looks fabulous, Brad! Even though I wash't really looking forward to this film, the essence of this photo sort of draws me in to the story. Well done

  • lalecture

    One question. How do the numbers coincide with the films listed below them?

    • Brad Brevet

      Day in April the films release.

  • maja

    Brad, I may have missed it but can't seem to find there a May 2013 movie wallpaper?

  • navaneethks

    May wallpaper?