Watch: First Official 'Anna Karenina' Trailer and Poster

Anna Karenina movie trailer 2012
Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina
Photo: Focus Features

There are few major films left to come out this year that haven't yet had any kind of major piece of marketing. Today one of those films fixes that issue as we have our first trailer for Joe Wright's Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice) in the titular role as Leo Tolstoy's classic novel is brought to life once again.

The story unfolds in its original late-19th-century Russia high-society setting and powerfully explores the capacity for love that surges through the human heart, from the passion between adulterers to the bond between a mother and her children. As Anna (Knightley) questions her happiness, change comes to her family, friends, and community.

Along with Knightley the film co-stars Jude Law, Aaron Johnson, Kelly Macdonald, Matthew MacFadyen, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Emily Watson, Olivia Williams and Ruth Wilson and is set to hit theaters on November 9.

Check out the trailer and poster directly below.

Anna Karenina movie poster
Photo: Focus Features via Glamour

[Trailer via MSN]

  • Will

    Looks incredible. Love the hints we got of the unique way Joe Wright is staging almost the whole thing in one theater.

    • Brad Brevet

      I think the poster adds to that effect in a big way.

  • Bradley Badder

    Brad, or anyone that might know, do you know when we can expect a trailer for GRAVITY. Literally drooling.

    • Brad Brevet

      That got moved to 2013 so it may be a while. I expect Lincoln will be the next major release to get a preview.

  • Winchester

    It looks OK but not anything that overly grabbed me. I have not read the book however or seen any other adaptions.

  • cinejab

    looks almost like a luhrmann film

  • Bogdan

    nice, no bad rusian accents :)

  • Ian

    Definitely has the visual style Wright is known for, other than that it didn't really move me at all. Should play well to the Academy though.

  • Marion Antoinette

    IT REALLY GOT ME THINKING: OSCAR BAIT!!!! I know i know, who cares about the academy awards but this movie looks so epic, so ready to be praised i couldnĀ“t help but wonder: could this finally mean the role that gives Keira Knightley the awards recognition she deserves?????

    She was badly overlooked last year for A DANGEROUS METHOD!

  • angel

    Not an important comment, but in that picture, she looks like Natalie Portman.

  • Scott

    Excited to see another Joe Wright movie, but I admit, all I could think watching the trailer was poor Jude Law. From the handsome rakish lead, to the pathetic cuckold. Hairlines are everything.

    • raieven

      He was so gorgeous in Gattaca. His prime really.

  • Irf

    Jesus, Ikea Knightley's acting looks so wooden I feared she might splinter.

    • Winter

      I'm sorry, but someone has to say it: this poor girl (Knightley) has been vilified to no end and, as far as I can see, for no good reason at all. She has a highly cinematic face, expressive without being emotive, and is (with the exception, perhaps, of the PotC franchise) an affecting and engaging presence. You may dislike her style of acting, her appearance, her voice, but denouncing her for wooden, of all things, is simply wrong. The trailer, by the way, looks fantastic - Joe Wright is king.

  • raieven

    This looks interesting! Aaron Johnson is really one to watch I think. I liked Keira Knightly in the Duchess, and this looks like a similar role.

  • a saphire-eainged one

    Beautifully captivating! K. Knightley acts as the lady of the Russian society of the 19th century should of done.Grand JOB!!!

  • Rumi Anta

    It's just another spreading cranberry tree...