An Update On the RopeofSilicon Movie Club for January 2013

RopeofSilicon Movie Club

Back in mid-December I updated the upcoming schedule for the RopeofSilicon Movie Club due to the holidays, award season and an attempt to find a way to rejuvenate the club. Well, considering I'm trying to put together a list of my Top 50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 to begin posting next week there is no chance I can prepare a Movie Club article for Monday. On top of that, I was getting a sense of general disinterest in discussing Wings of Desire anyway. Suffice to say, there will not be a Movie Club discussion this Monday and I have actually removed Wings of Desire from the calendar altogether, though if you're interested in discussing that film you can always click here for my review of the Blu-ray from 2009 and we can discuss. I'm game if you are.

This brings me to the idea of the Movie Club overall. First off, I am shifting the schedule again and I may even shift it some more after that. As of now, The Conversation will be discussed on January 30 and The Great Silence on February 27. I'm sure some of you are thinking I should just give up on the idea altogether, but I actually like the feature too much to give up altogether. I simply didn't account for how busy I would be during the holidays and awards season to give it the attention it deserves. However, that isn't to say I don't recognize there are some problems and I read through all your comments on the last update and have been trying to come up with a solution as to how we can keep this going and keep it lively.

db-cronosFor starters, I do believe doing a Club installment once a week was too frequent as some of you said. I also think it would be more interesting if the selections were more topical to the films being released each month. For instance, with the release of the Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama this month it would be fun to explore The Devil's Backbone and Cronos and perhaps I could instigate installments in that fashion, by simply announcing them in advance. We could have taken a look at Tobe Hooper's original Texas Chain Saw Massacre as well.

This also plays into another suggestion, which is to have a theme for any particular month. For example, February is the month for the Oscars, perhaps looking back at a particular closely matched year and rewatching the five Best Picture nominees and holding a vote would be a fun exercise and discussion. I could write an article after I watched each and at the end of the month offer up discussion on which one "should have" won the Oscar versus which one did.

Someone suggested watching really bad movies, perhaps setting up a live blog to sit down and have all of us get together and watch a terrible movie together would be fun. We could all sit around and watch Battlefield Earth or Plan 9 from Outer Space.

April delivers the Evil Dead remake and perhaps a week looking at all the previous Evil Dead films with Bruce Campbell would be fun to discuss. Shane Carruth's Upstream Color comes out that month as well and who could pass up another look at Primer?

May is The Great Gatsby, have you seen the original? Star Trek into Darkness will be released as well and I'm not against revisiting the previous films in that franchise (original cast only that is). As was suggested, I could do the same in February when A Good Day to Die Hard is released.

I saw ideas to dedicate certain months to directors or a particular genre, which I think is a great idea -- Sci-Fi Month, Spaghetti Western Month, Alfred Hitchcock Month -- and just wrapping this all into the Movie Club as opposed to just specifying one movie.

All I'm saying, is your suggestions were heard and some exciting things are coming. If you have more suggestions please add them below as this is all for you and for us to discuss movies as a group.

The current schedule may or may not change as I may put these changes into effect sooner rather than later, but I just wanted to make sure you were up-to-date. I have big plans for 2013 and hopefully you'll be along for the ride.

  • Susan

    One suggestion off my head would be to use movies, or one a month, that are free on Hulu or Crackle or somewhere similar. Then you eliminate having to wait on Netflix DVDs showing or however most people get their movies.

  • Timothy

    I think the idea of having themed months would be a great idea! I've always enjoyed the Movie Club, and I do hope you hold onto it. One suggestion may be to have one movie a month, and each month to hold a poll to decide the theme and then some options for that month. Or perhaps you can just have one poll with a fixed theme. Either way, it's good to know that you're continuing with the club, and I can't wait to participate in the next discussion

  • Beautifulm

    Thanks Brad for considering our suggestions:-)

  • Criterion10

    I've stated before how I very much like the movie club, and so I am happy to see that it is still here for the moment. These improvements do sound very good. I do like the idea of doing themed months or weeks and whatnot. However, I do still think it would be good to occasionally vote on a film that sounds interesting that may or may not fit in with a specific theme. I do like the idea of tying the discussion films in current releases, such as the idea to watch the original Great Gatsby or Evil Dead.

    I personally wasn't too excited for Wings of Desire anyway, so it's disappearance doesn't bother me at all (I've seen the film before and while I did like it, I didn't love it by any means and don't have any real desire to return to it).

  • JaneD

    Brad, I am happy to see that you are trying to find ways to keep this Movie Club going!

    I, too, like the idea of themed months, perhaps around a current movie in theatres and an older film or two. I know that Movie Club discussions will bring even other films to the table. I found in the initial iteration of the Movie Club it was sometimes difficult for me to get a hold of the specific film being discussed as I am not in the US and Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and US Netflix are not available to me.

    I have gotten a copy of "The Conversation" in preparation for our next discussion, so I hope that discussion around it goes forward.


    Movie Club 2.0. This should be interesting.

  • Randall P McMurphy

    It would be awesome to see an article on Primer like the ones you did on Looper and Prometheus

    • Gautam

      Brad, I second Randall here, I would really love to your lengthy analytical take on Primer, just the way you did for Inception and Prometheus. I can guarantee it will generate a hell lot of conversation.

  • maja

    Thanks for the update. Really excited for this and think it could be a highlight feature of the website along with the podcast.

  • High Hanging Fruit

    I love the idea of the club and really want to get involved. The problem as I see it is that everyone is pulling it in different directions and the danger is that it gets too obscure and loses momentum.

    I don't think it should be based on "what's going on at the moment" in terms of streaming films or remake releases but instead should be based on rewatch-ability. By this I mean those truly truly great films that we all love that can be rewatched again and again and always stand up. These should be the focus of the club - films like Se7en the Usual Suspects, Goodfellas, The Thing, Life of Brian, Predator and, weirdly, newer films like Prometheus which is completely flawed but I can almost watch on a loop for some reason.

    The key to the club should be - does the film still stand up? Has it lost its rewatch-ability and if so, why? How about a Rope of Silicon "gold list" of films that emerge from the process as universally agreed as being "quality". This is achievable people. To be clear, it's about a film guaranteeing 2 hrs of enjoyment and not necessarily 2 hours of Oscar - standard writing or direction. That special "thing" that guarantees pleasure is so hard to define yet so easy to document and the club would be the perfect way of achieving this and creating a lasting "hall of fame" type legacy for Rope of Silicon.

    • Brad Brevet

      I have considered the "Gold List" thing and have thought of selecting films I believe to be "Gold List" or something of that variation and doing a write-up asking something long the lines of "Is It Worthy or Unworthy?"

      I also agree with you on people wanting to pull it in all directions, but that's where I think it comes down to me making a decision and making sure it remains consistent.

      • High Hanging Fruit

        Completely agree - you could add one film a month to the list - you compile the short list and the viewers vote from it. Run it for two years and your hall of fame will be complete. In a few years time you will see re-releases of Blurays with "Rope of Silicon Hall of Fame" stickers on them mark my words