An Awful 'Before Midnight' Poster and Some New Pictures

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Before Midnight
Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Before Midnight
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

I've been saying it for a while now, but come the week of the May 24 release of Before Midnight I have a massive feature for the trilogy I'm going to be running and I'm very happy to report the film is every bit as good as you'd want it to be and perhaps then some. That said, today I have some new pictures and a poster for the film to share with you, though the poster is hardly worth getting excited over.

Co-written by Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater (who also directs), Before Midnight picks up nine years after the events of Before Sunset and finds Celine and Jesse in their early forties in Greece. What has led them to this moment and what happens I'm not willing to share.

As for the poster and the pictures, I have included nine additional pictures on page two of this post, but the poster is directly below and it is a Photoshopped mess. Fortunately posters have nothing to do with a film's quality.

Before Midnight Poster
  • navaneethks

    Glad to hear the movie did not disappoint you

  • AS

    You're too hard on posters. It looks fine and it gets the job done.

    • navaneethks

      The border line of the water and the rocks is bad photoshop though.

      • Jordan B.

        The background is a bit bothersome, as well, though my main issue is with the quote. Why are almost all the words capitalized?

        • Reindeer

          Agreed. At first look it seems fine as AS says, but the quote and bad photoshopping do spoil it a little.

  • Chris

    It's not a good poster, but it's nowhere near awful. The shadows from the table and characters is real rough, but I've seen much much worse.

  • Aidan Khan

    Brad, do you think this has a chance at being your favorite film of the year?

  • SeenSome

    While posters are generally just fluff that are barely even noticeable amongst the white noise that is movie marketing these days, that one is particularly bad. I'm glad the movie has been so positively received though. I only caught up with the 'Before...' series a year or two ago and absolutely love both of them so can't wait to check this out.