Almost 13 Minutes of People Getting Hit by Buses in Movies

One DayThe folks at Pajiba have put together a nearly 13-minute video looking at the awful, awful, awful "shock" trope in which a character is "unexpectedly" hit by a bus or some other vehicle in television and movies.

The inclusion of "Girls" I find funny considering how recent it is and how overused this particular device has become, but at the 5:53 mark you will see exactly why I hated 2011's One Day as director Lone Scherfig actually began the movie with the scene of Anne Hathaway riding her bicycle, essentially foreshadowing how the film was going to end. I hated that movie for a variety of other reasons, but that particular aspect of the storytelling was a major one.

I will give some leniency to some films in their use of this device. Mean Girls, for instance used it well and I think the way it was used in Constantine works, but it won't take long before you realize just how awful this particular device is, if you didn't know it already.

Go to Pajiba for the full run down of films and television shows used for the video.

  • Travis

    I'd also forgive Monk and How I Met Your Mother. The One Day one was incredibly laughable

  • Justin

    Does that person from Girls die?

    I may go back to it if I never have to see that character again. Terrible actor.

    • Brad Brevet

      No, he survives and it gets worse from there.

  • The Jackal

    I actually got a hit by a bus here in Mexico City last November. This collection of clips is awesome and for me, maybe has a little more meaning now.

    Thems the facts

  • Josh P.

    I'm glad to know there's someone else out there who hates One Day as much as I do. This video was quite amusing, though I think some instances where they are clearly mocking the device in comedies should be excluded (whether or not the joke is successful is up to you).

  • memo

    People really need to look both ways before crossing the street. Even if it is a One Way Street.haha

  • Laina

    The Mean Girls clip is completely shocking the first time you see the film. McAdams has you completely wrapped around her finger and then, out of nowhere, gets hit!

  • Scott

    No PSH in Mission: Impossible 3? And the girl from that Mel Gibson movie Edge of Darkness? Those were the ones I was expecting, along with the included Final Destination.