All the X-Men are Back for 'Days of Future Past' and Vaughn Confirmed for 'Star Wars'?

1.) I know some of you are just as tired of reading the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors as I am, but a rather interesting video has surfaced courtesy of In the clip, Jason Flemyng, who has appeared in all four of Matthew Vaughn's directorial efforts, seems to confirm that Vaughn will direct Episode VII. See for yourself, but it looks to me like Flemyng doesn't realize he might have just let the cat out of the bag until it's too late. Is it possible Vaughn told Flemyng the gig was his, then Flemyng passed it along under the assumption that it was public knowledge?

Flemyng starts talking Star Wars at about the 1:07 mark.

2.) For a while, Safety Not Guaranteed writer/director Colin Trevorrow was the rumored Star Wars director du jour as prognosticators continued to explore every possible avenue. Trevorrow denied the rumors, noting he was working on a new version of another classic Disney property. It turns out that project is Flight of the Navigator. Trevorrow will rewrite and potentially direct a remake of the 1986 film, which centers on a 12-year-old boy who goes missing and reappears eight years later having not aged a day. Safety Not Guaranteed writer Derek Connolly will again work with Trevorrow on the script. [Variety]

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart3.) Taking to Twitter, Bryan Singer announced Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have officially joined X-Men: Days of Future Past to reclaim their roles as the older versions of Magneto and Professor X alongside their younger counterparts in the returning Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult will also return to reprise their roles as Mystique and Beast.

The plot description I've read says the film alternates between present day and the future, but that doesn't really make sense. Wouldn't the younger characters be set in the 1960s (the past, by my definition) and McKellen and Stewart be set in the present day? How does the future come into play here? Ah ha... unless the present is considered the future considering the past is always the past, and...

4.) Cate Blanchett is in negotiations to play the evil stepmother in Disney's new version of Cinderella, potentially making her the first actor to board the project. Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) will direct from a script by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada), then rewritten by Chris Weitz (About a Boy). [Deadline]

5.) Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) will write and direct the vampire romance Undying Love for Warner Bros. Based on a graphic novel, the story revolves around an ex-soldier who falls for a vampire, but he must first take on her creator and his army of mobsters if he hopes to be with her.

So, basically, after his very cool Daredevil pitch gets shot down by Fox, he turns to subject matter he knows isn't going to have trouble receiving the green light. At least that's how it sounds in my mind. Well I've got news for you, vampire movies not named Twilight aren't exactly making a lot of money these days, regardless of quality. Daybreakers, Fright Night and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter are just a few that come to mind. So when will it end? [Deadline]

  • Yaz

    Haha... I like the X-Men tidbit and I'm sure part of you is joking about it all. I think it's safe to assume that what they're referring to as 'present day' is the 'present day' of the film - which would be the 60's or whatever. The 'future' they're referring to would be closer to our real world present.

    I'm very excited about it all. I keep thinking about Generations, which oddly enough also starred Stewart. This could be very interesting and if done right, fanboys are gonna go wild.

    • MajorFilmFan

      I hope Singer can get it right this time. X-Men and X2 were great, as was Flrst Class, which he produced. I hope he can capture the feel and tone of the '60s the way Vaughn could, and can work in some clever cameos, like Vaughn. As for Vaughn and Star Wars VII, I've been rooting for him to direct all along. He has a unique style, and I can't wait to see how he and Arndt work together.

  • Paes

    Perhaps 2 old men, reminiscing on the good old days. And maybe something from the past that was left unfinished. Sounds cool to me.

    It could be a preparation for a new present day trilogy.

  • Arjuna

    I think for X-men since the reference point is that this film is a sequal to first class that the "present" would be the 1960's where Fassbender and McAvoy would still be leads and the future would the Stewart storyline

  • Arturo

    Hope Vaughn does get the job, very talented director. Guy knows how to please the critics and fans alike. Thanks for the updates Mr. Blumeyer, keep up the good work.

  • Newbourne

    Jean Grey- Did she die in The Last Sand? If so, I'm guessing that means Famke Jansen won't be joining us here.

    Beast (future)- Now that Boss has ben canceled, Kelsey Grammer has some free times on his hands so adding him to the mix might be easy.

    Multiple Man- Eric Dane has been kill off on Grey's Anatomy so Multiple Man could come back too.

    Iceman- I bet Shawn Ashmore isn't up to anything more interesting than X-Men, so they could be able to bring Ice Man back. And if not, they can just get his Aaron Ashmore to play the part. That's the beauty of two actors who are identical twins.

    Colossus- Cudmore has been up to nothing except cameoing on Twilight. He's affordable.

    As for Storm, Angel, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Rogue and Wolverine... Let's see if they can afford Halle Berry, Ben Foster, Alan Cummings, Ellen Page, James Marsden, Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman. I doubt it though. I guess we won't be seeing any of these heroes.

    • Yaz

      It could get bloated real quick with all those you mentioned... They should just keep it simple. They don't need all the minor characters. Xavier and Magneto are a solid start. It'd be cool to see Marsden back along with Jean - might see Rogue too since she always had the Kitty Pryde kinda role for the first two flicks at least.

  • greatOz

    I would think that the role of Kitty Pryde would be the next big announcement since the storyline hinges on that character, at least it did in the books. I liked Ellen Paige as Kitty in X3. Of course, in that storyline there were Sentinels as well.....