Matthew Fox is Ripped in First Pictures from 'Alex Cross'

Matthew Fox in Alex Cross
Matthew Fox in Alex Cross
Photo: Summit Entertainment

Eight pictures from Alex Cross, the filmed adaptation of James Patterson's "I, Alex Cross" with Tyler Perry in the title role have arrived and with them we get the surprising look at Matthew Fox who plays a serial killer in the film. The "Lost" star definitely went all out in preparing for the role as he's virtually unrecognizable with almost no body fat and a his shaved head.

The film is directed by Rob Cohen (xXx) and is set for an October 26 release and is being looked at as a franchise starter and origin tale of the detective/psychologist Alex Cross as he tracks a serial killer and rapist who may have murdered his pregnant wife years earlier. Co-starring Edward Burns, Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito, John C. McGinley and Yara Shahidi.

Among the eight new images (via Kinopoisk), you also get a look at fellow co-star Ed Burns. To take a look at the complete gallery just click on any of the thumbnails below to begin browsing.

  • AKD

    Awful cast, it's going to be a flop for sure.

    • Llama

      Why is Tyler Perry being allowed to star in any movie? The guy is just absolutely awful.

  • Doc Holiday

    I agree with Llama, Tyler Perry hopefully saved his money and should be buried underground like in that South Park episode

  • Kyle Coley

    Perry is only good in small cameos, like the one he did for star trek.

  • Mr Stark

    Well, we could either get Dragon The Bruce Lee Story or Stealth. Too much of a gamble for my 20 bucks or whatever they charge for a film nowadays.

  • Winchester

    I'd rather have body fat than look like Fox in that pic. But boy, looks like he went all out.

  • datdude

    Ripped is one thing, but Fox does not look good or healthy in these pics. He looks about a minute away from an aneurysm or other ruptured blood vessel elsewhere in the body.