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Thank you for your interest in RopeofSilicon.com. Stylish and impeccably designed, RopeofSilicon aims to give readers the ultimate experience in online movie news, previews and reviews with a touch of personality courtesy of its creator and designer Brad Brevet.

Brad started RopeofSilicon.com in 2003 as a hobby and a way to possibly create an online portfolio in an attempt to get work as a freelance writer. Suddenly he realized he was having a hell of a lot of fun spawning the site you see here today and the changing designs you see below. He is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (see his BFCA profile here) and has been running RopeofSilicon.com as his full-time job since 2007 making regular trips to the Cannes and Toronto International Film Festivals since 2010.

RopeofSilicon.com now holds a database of over 5,000 movies as well as a complete list of winning histories from the Oscars, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards among several other available features and assets from the latest trailers, movie stills and up-to-date industry coverage and editorials.

You can read all of Brad's work right here.

Write for RopeofSilicon

Interested in writing for RopeofSilicon.com? Well, I'm looking for a few writers to begin contributing articles to the site on a daily basis. As of now, all positions are unpaid positions and should be considered internships, though if things work out it could become something much bigger.

Still interested? Here are a few requirements for all positions posted. Any and all applicants must possess the following skills:

  1. Basic HTML knowledge is required. This means being able to create links, bold text, italicize, embed YouTube videos, insert images, etc.
  2. An understanding of WordPress is required
  3. Limited image editing skills as necessary. This essentially means understanding what it means to include an image that is 640 pixels wide by 320 pixels high for an article.

Note any additional requirements for each below and if you're interested send a short writing sample to webmaster@ropeofsilicon.com with the position you are applying for in the subject line.


News Contributor: This position will contribute to the daily coverage of movie and television news on RopeofSilicon.com. Posting casting articles, cool videos from the web, working on longer editorials and features and whatever else may come up on a daily basis. This position would include posting approximately 2-3 posts a day from Monday to Friday, possibly more depending on schedules.

Video Editor: This position will be responsible for uploading, embedding and posting new trailers, clips, featurettes and other video as well as filing brief posts about each video. Additional requirements to those listed above include the ability to take screen captures from videos for use inside each post.

Comics Editor: If you love comic books and comic book movies I want to talk to you. This position will take the lead on all comic book movie news, rumors, etc. Comic book related movies have become a major aspect of Hollywood and I want someone with passion and knowledge for comic books to take the lead on coverage.

Horror Editor: This position will cover everything and anything horror, from the big movies to the small. This includes the obvious casting stories, but the goal is to also explore horror a little deeper with features and editorials, opening people's eyes to the fact horror is about more than just blood and gore... though never forgetting horror is also about blood and gore.

Television Editor: This position will be responsible for kick-starting more regular coverage of television on RopeofSilicon.com. This could include full season reviews of Netflix streaming titles, Amazon shows and episodic television on HBO and other cable channels. A love for television is a must not to mention the desire to dig a little deeper into the exploration of your favorite shows and leading the conversation.

What I'm mainly looking for are people excited about movies and television that want to write about and discuss them more with others. A unique, intelligent and entertaining writing style is what I'm looking for and if you think you have that, send some writing samples based on recent stories you've seen in the world of movies and TV and send them to webmaster@ropeofsilicon.com and be sure to note the position you are applying for.

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