A Bloody Flood: New Trailer for 'Shining' Conspiracy Documentary 'Room 237'

Room 237 trailer
Photo: IFC Midnight

For the third time today I bring you a new trailer for a film I saw at the Cannes Film Festival last year, this time for Rodney Ascher's documentary Room 237, which takes a look at a variety of theories having to do with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, many of which seem crazy, but what's even crazier is that you just might start to believe some of them.

Here's the opening paragraph from my Cannes review:

If you've ever been accused of "over-thinking" a film then Rodney Ascher's Room 237 is for you. Come on in and begin the madness as no stone is left unturned when it comes to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining from the absurd to the strangely convincing.

You can read the full review here, but check out the latest trailer below, which pays homage to the original teaser trailer for The Shining, which I've also included at the bottom of this post.

Room 237 hits theaters and iTunes on March 29.

  • http://www.criterion.com/my_criterion/27913-criterion10 Criterion10

    Can't wait to see this one. The Shining is one of my favorite films, and Kubrick is my favorite director. There are already some interesting analysis videos on YouTube about the film, by a user named Rob Ager. I highly recommend checking them out.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/HelloKitty/ Hello Kitty

    I hated the movie but I would like to get a better understand of Kubrick's imagining of Stephen King's great book, so I am looking forward to seeing this.

  • chuck

    I just hosted a revival of The Shining two weeks ago at my local community theater where on VP on the board. Its so clearly one of the great experiences to watch it on a big screen with a crowd. 140 in the audience! It really is a fasinating watch!

  • Dale

    Like Kitty, I disliked the movie (liked the book), partly because of Jack Nicholson's overacting (Heeeeere's Johnny!), but maybe this would be worth a look, especially since it's presently 96% favorable on Rotten Tomatoes. The blood in the trailer looks like spaghetti sauce.