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25 New Images from Malick's 'Tree of Life'

Soon to be showing at Cannes

The Tree of Life

I've just received 25 new images from Terrence Malick's long-awaited The Tree of Life and while die-hards may have seen these a few months back as they were leaked online along with several others, these are official images so unless someone made an error these won't be going anywhere.

I also thought I'd take the time to clear up some previous release date information as it was previously thought Icon would be releasing it in the UK on May 4, prior to the expected Cannes premiere and subsequent May 20 release by Fox Searchlight here in the States. Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere did some digging and was informed by Summit Entertainment's Senior Vice President of International Marketing, Jill Jones, that the May 4 release date would not be happening.

Jones replied, "The information regarding the May 4th UK release [of The Tree of Life] is incorrect. Icon Film Distribution Ltd. does not have the right to distribute The Tree of Life in the UK, as it is in default of its agreement. The matter is pending before an arbitration tribunal in Los Angeles."

So it looks like once I see Tree of Life in Cannes I will be among the first to bring back word and a review. Looking forward to it.

As for the images I promised, I am testing out a different way to present multiple images from films with this post as I have been working on an in-article image gallery as you can see below. It should work in most browsers (thought you may have to refresh the page to load the recently updated style sheet) and mobile devices and eliminates scrolling endlessly. As always, though, the images are available in a larger format in our gallery and for the complete batch from The Tree of Life you can go here. Otherwise, enjoy...

If you have problems with the gallery click here and send me an email and let me know what precisely is the issue and please include what browser you are using in your email.

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  • JayRam

    The in-article image gallery is much better; thanks for posting photos.

  • Kelly

    Love the in-article gallery. Nice addition!

  • viral

    the in article galary is a very nice addition - stick with it.. if i may add if there could be a slide show option so that the images would stream on their own it would be kind of cool too. also the option to pause the slideshow and browse images on ones own.

    this movie will be a lock for the DP is all i can say if nothing else... it looks brilliant and beautiful!

  • styles

    Went to see Hanna today (awesome, but I digress), people talked & snickered during the previews for Captain America (meh), Fast Five (ugh) & Scream 4 (again, meh) but the Tree of Life trailer shut everyone one up & seemingly had them all mesmerized. Have rarely experienced that before, can't wait for this one.

  • dee8

    I've got high hopes for this!