The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards
The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

I know the Oscars are still a little over a month away, but for me the RopeofSilicon Awards are the moment I begin putting the old year behind me and truly begin focusing on the new one. This is the fourth year I've done this and to celebrate the year's films I gained inspiration from one of the movie posters I declared one of the best of the year and put together my own poster for just this occasion, taking images from several of 2011's films and creating the collage you see below.

The poster is made up of films and performances I enjoyed on one level or another, and while you'll find a couple of duplicates here and there, all-in-all there are 61 films represented and I've included a high resolution version should you want to give it a closer look. How many of the films can you name? Take a look before clicking over to the second page where I begin exploring my choices for the 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards...

The Poster

2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

This year, as always, I selected my choices for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Original Score as well as a few miscellaneous awards before looking into my favorite movie quotes from 2011, the best and worst posters and a collection of 2011 movie montages from around the Internet.

You can click the poster above for a larger version or you can begin the journey by clicking through to the next page. I hope you like what I've put together and I've included links to past editions at the end of the last page if you'd like to explore my winners from the last three years... Enjoy!

  • Gerberzy

    That was awesome Brad!

  • Nate Mizelle

    Great picks.
    I wish every critic did such thorough end of the year lists.

    I can't wait for the readers poll!

  • Steffen

    Great job! The poster looks very cool. I'm just a little bit frustrated, that a lot of these movies are not out in Berlin, yet. Well, I caught "Ides of March" and "Carnage" in the last 7 days. And I'm just dying to see "Drive".

  • Nick

    Great read. I'm finally seeing We Need to Talk About Kevin this Friday and I'm more stoked than ever (and I've been stoked ever since Cannes).

  • Winchester

    I did like Kathy Burke's line, I gotta say.

  • Josh Batchelder

    That line from Friends with Benefits slays me every time.

  • m1

    Spot on with those X-Men posters. Worst posters I've seen in years.

  • Criterion10

    I really that opening poster...great awards as well!

  • m1

    Also, disappointments of the year for me would be:

    Super 8 and Source Code-I wanted to like these much more than I did. They were well-made but I was expecting something amazing.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-Let's just say that I won't be lining up for the fifth one (unless it's actually good).

    I Am Number Four-Having read the book and enjoyed Disturbia, I hoped that this would be an enjoyable "break" from all of the Oscar movies. Unfortunately, it was a boring mess that deserved to be dumped in the dog days of February.

    Spy Kids 4-I enjoyed the earlier films in the franchise but this looked cheaply made. I think it may have killed the franchise for good.

    No Strings Attached-It looked raunchy, entertaining, and a bit more high-concept than most rom-coms, but it is just as bland.

  • Carson Dyle

    Citation of Mullan is fantastic, but...

    How in the hell is he "Supporting"?

    • Brad Brevet

      I had a hard time with that. I guess it comes down to the idea I'm not sure there is a male lead in that film. He would be it, but I see him as a supporting character to Colman's character.

    • Bertram J. Krogh

      He was most certainly a lead. He was the central character, Colman kind of attached herself later on.

  • loxmang

    this is awesome... love the "You want a toothpick?"

  • Jimmy Diamies

    Great picks Brad. I loved Sid in the Descendants. I laughed everytime he spoke. When he says "she knows she's being funny right?" Or something along those lines before he gets punched I was rolling.

  • adu

    Great work Brad. That right there is a testament to how great your website is.

    I really enjoyed the quotes section and am wondering how you got your hands on them; was it by watching the movie the second time? I guess I want to know your source.

  • Dsimolke

    Great choices for the acting categories. Everybody interesting online seems to be picking Fassbender and Swinton, and I'm inclined to agree. Sadly, I think it's unlikely they'll win at the Oscars because they're more controversial fare. Damn Oscars. Also, John Hawkes. Hell yes. Guy is fantastic in everything. Martha Marcy May Marlene is my #1 of the year.

  • Ian

    Great list Brad. Every year it seems like your quotes portions are the best part of the list and this year is no exception.

    I'm watching Beginners tonight and seeing Extremely Loud on Friday, and then I will consider myself complete in my 2011 film watching, so I'm hoping to have a top ten as well as a list of my own awards done on Sunday. I'll post them here, where I've been posting reviews and occasional editorials for the last four months:

  • SmartFilm

    The poster is great. Good list and it's nice to see some picks that aren't synchronized with the mainstream.

  • Tom

    This is fantastic, Brad. Although I often have different feelings than you on films, I always enjoy coming to RopeofSilicon and hearing what you have to say. Keep up the great work!

  • Alex Thomas

    Great work! Can't wait to watch the clips on the last page.

    Was watching The Lincoln Lawyer the other day and heard 'Nightcall by Kavinsky' and was like What!? Then realised Cliff Martinez did the soundtrack for that too and it was really good as well! Also kind of makes more sense as to why Drive wasn't eligble for Original Score when the most important song was prominent in another movie.

  • Evengan

    Nice list, but I disagree with the soundtracks. I live and breathe for move soundtracks. You need good performances/screenplay? I need a good soundtrack. And THE ARTIST takes the cake by miles. Miles! Was there a more beautifully crafted score out there? I don't think so. The scores for Hugo and W.E. were amazing as well. It was a better year for soundtracks than 2010.

  • Mikey Sylwer

    No screenplay awards?

    • Brad Brevet

      I started to do some, but I didn't actually read any this year and it felt disingenuous to declare one the best without doing so. I was tempted to call Diablo Cody's screenplay for Young Adult the best, primarily for her commitment to the character and unwillingness to give in to modern day storytelling conventions.

  • maja

    Loving your poster. Also I've never seen that poster for W.E before but it really is abysmal. I thought that the poster for the Darkest Hour was the worst I'd seen in years but the X-Men and W.E posters are even worse.

  • Jai

    This was excellent.

  • Rhonda Adam

    Brilliant list and I enjoyed it as much as I have in previous years.

  • Dave

    Great list Brad. Are you going to do a list of your favorite Blu-rays of the year like you did last year?

  • Kimberlesk

    Great work Brad!! Loved reliving 2011's movies through you. and I'm LMAO that you included Jackson Rathbone's two lines in BD1 in your fave quotes.

    Also, I finally saw "We Need To Talk About Kevin" last week and then went back and reread your review -- spot on!! The movie is still bothering me a week later. I agree -- I can't decide whether he was just a bad seed or if her behavior shaped the way he acted out. Also, why no support from her husband? It's a very interesting movie that really sticks with you. And to think, from the original trailer, all I could think was "Why are they doing another 'Omen' remake?" This film couldn't be further from that. It's absolutely gut-wrenching and chilling.

    Looking forward to what you'll offer us in 2012!

  • Donnie

    Love all of your choices! It's fantastic to see an online critic who makes his decisions based on pure talent.