Monthly Archives: August 2008

Must Watch: The Gremlins Torment Batman

John at The Movie Blog tips us off to this video which is a fan video made by Sacha Feiner, an animated movie director, special effects creator and sculptor from Brussels. Sacha claims to be a huge fan of Gremlins and after watching this homage in which he takes the moment from Gremlins 2 when... Read more »

THE GOSSIP SHEET: August 29, 2008

Plenty of gossip links for you this Friday. Get the dirt on the Lohan myspace fued and a death in the family! Plus news on Hillary Duff, Solange Knowles,Stephenie Meyer's upcoming role as a director and more! The Lohan's continue to air their dirty laundry, this time on myspace. [EO] Hillary Duff's dad released from... Read more »