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'Black or White' (2015) Movie Review

'Black or White' (2015) Movie Review

Black or White has a couple highlights worthy of note, but overall it's a film that languishes in mediocrity as writer/director Mike Binder can't help but play to standard, storytelling stereotypes.

'Project Almanac' (2015) Movie Review

'Project Almanac' (2015) Movie Review

Project Almanac is something of a missed opportunity, squandering a fun little high school story in the attempt to become too big for its own good, and yet another found footage feature that runs into all the typical logic traps.

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  • Recorded: Jan 30, 2015

Laremy Watches the 'Insurgent' Trailer and Reviewing 'Black Sea', 'Project Almanac' & 'Black or White'

This episode almost didn't happen, but we pulled it together with three reviews including Black Sea, Black or White and Project Almanac plus Laremy watches the Insurgent Super Bowl trailer live.
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