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Stephen King's 'It' Still has Life

Stephen King's 'It' Still has Life

Following director Cary Fukunaga's departure, New Line is still working on bringing the adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror novel to the big screen.

'Aloha' (2015) Movie Review

'Aloha' (2015) Movie Review

Aloha is as bad as it is good as writer/director Cameron Crowe paints himself into a corner with an unecessarily convoluted story that can never quite settle on its meaning or purpose.

'San Andreas' (2015) Movie Review

'San Andreas' (2015) Movie Review

The biggest earthquake ever isn't enough to keep Dwayne Johnson from his family in San Andreas. Earthquake? We'll get our buffest action star to punch that damned earthquake in the throat.

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  • Recorded: May 22, 2015

Reviewing 'Tomorrowland' with Vince from FilmDrunk

Somehow today's episode ends up being over two hours long but I have no idea how. Nevertheless, we bring Vince from FilmDrunk on to talk about Tomorrowland, do a little trailer talking and just blather for about another hour about god knows what.
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