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'The Last 5 Years' (2014) Movie Review

'The Last 5 Years' (2014) Movie Review

Richard LaGravenese's The Last 5 Years, starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, perfectly captures Jason Robert Brown's beautiful off-Broadway musical by letting the score drive the story and showcasing two terrific performances, both as actors and singers.

'Listen Up Philip' (2014) Movie Review

'Listen Up Philip' (2014) Movie Review

Listen Up Philip is filled with strong performances, great female characters, and features a beautiful jazz score, but the repugnance of its main character and a lack of direction make it difficult to truly like.

'Force Majeure' (2014) Movie Review

'Force Majeure' (2014) Movie Review

Force Majeure is a difficult film to wrap your head around as it takes a dramatic, absurd and realistic look at human nature, and it's so expertly crafted you'll be at odds with your emotions as you find yourself laughing in horror.

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  • Recorded: Oct 24, 2014

Reviewing 'Birdman' and 'John Wick', Talking 'The Hobbit's Big Budget and More

Lots of reviews on today's episode with Birdman, John Wick, Citizenfour and Force Majeure. After that it's questions, talking The Hobbit's $745 million budget and much more.
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